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Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas, it's Christmas, WAKE UP

It's Christmas morning. Hurray, it's finally here. Alexis woke us up at 5:45, which is not so unusual. Seeing as we have to be somewhere mid-morning I thought yay we will plenty of time and won't have to rush. (I absolutely hate being rushed on Christmas day). Corey decided he was going back to sleep. Party pooper. Alexis is also back in the land of nod. So here I sit by myself trying not to make too much noise. Merry Christmas. Not a great start so far. I've wrapped those last few presents that we gave up on last night. I've tidied up the lounge room ready for presents. I've even had breakfast, by myself. Seriously who goes back to sleep on Christmas morning? Fair enough Alexis doesn't understand, but I want her to wake up so I can wake Corey up. Now I'm getting tired myself I could use more sleep, but I know as soon as I drift off she'll wake up, and that would make me cranky. Got to be happy, it's Christmas. Happy birthday Jesus, and merry Christmas everyone.

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