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Then the washing machine ate my bra

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Then the washing machine ate my bra

Why is it always when I'm running late that appliances decide to play up? Probably because it's at least a little bit my fault...

Pause. Rewind.

After my last entry I went back to sleep until almost 9 am. The extra sleep was wonderful. Alexis, Corey and I all woke up happy. Amazing. We had friends coming over at midday for lunch. Uh-oh! We both needed clothes washed to wear today. We also needed to wash the dishes, clear and wipe down the kitchen bench and table (easier said than done after Christmas. Yes, I still hadn't done it, we had spontaneously decided to go to movie world yesterday), shop for food to feed said guests, and drop something off at my sister's house. We were a little pushed for time so decided to split the tasks. Corey and Alexis did the groceries and stopped off at my sister's. While they were gone I was to get myself ready then make a start, but I was under strict instructions to stay calm and not get myself worked up. The washing was already in the machine, I was just to swap it over when it finished. We would do the rest when they returned. So simple.

I had a lovely long shower and washed my hair. I went to swap the washing over. Strange black clumps covered some of the clothes. What the? The washing machine had eaten my bra. Oh goody. The bra had become stuck in the door seal, and it had flicked bits of lint through the load. The bra was ripped and torn and black, unsalvageable, but that was the least of my worries. I needed clothes to wear! I thought I would have to re-wash the whole load. Corey and Alexis returned. "The washing machine ate my bra," I said matter-of-factly. After careful investigation I discovered that while the bra was attacked and covered in wet black lint and whatever other nasties reside in the door seals of front-loaders, the rest of the clothes that were soiled were not inflicted with mould, they had been dyed. I found the culprit. A small black shirt of Alexis' had run. Such a tiny shirt. If the washing machine hadn't eaten my bra I probably wouldn't have even noticed. So I dried mine and Corey's clothes but re-washed Alexis' just in case nasties were lurking around after all.

We tidied and cleaned up the house nicely. The dryer finished in time. We had a lovely day with our guests, and they left happily I can now rest because our house feels like a home again, rather than a storage shed. Corey, Alexis and I had a nice afternoon nap lay-about on the bed. The holiday vibe is here.

So the washing mix-up didn't upset our plans or ruin our day. Yay! It could have been much worse.. It wouldn't have happened at all if I'd learn to separate the colours and use a delicates bag, but honestly who actually does that? I don't normally bother. I usually test new clothes and soak what runs until it stops running. I had done that to this shirt, I thought, but that was the size 00 version of the same shirt. I had liked it so much that I bought it in two sizes. I had forgotten that.

It's all my fault. I'd like to say I've learned my lesson, but I haven't. I will probably most definitely do it again. My response is quite likely to be the same as it was today.


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