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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Alexis kept waking up last night so I ended up taking her into bed with me. Corey was about as supportive as Corey gets when he is tired, setting up her nightlight (plugging it into the wall) in our room before running away. "I'll have my phone on, if you need me just call me," he lied. I knew I wouldn't sleep well and voiced my concerns. "I'll look after her in the morning," he lied again.

I have been reluctant to attempt co-sleeping with Alexis because of multiple reasons, including: her fascination with trying to jump off the bed, her tendency to climb all over me, not wanting to disturb her sleep, and the fact that I am such an incredibly light sleeper so quite frankly didn't want her disturbing me. There was also the concern that she would want to feed all the time. Nothing else would work last night though, and I didn't feel like sitting up all night holding her, so I decided I would give it a try.

It was an interesting experience. I didn't get an awful lot of sleep, but because Alexis was coughing and sputtering, waking up choking on her own spit, I probably would not have slept at all if she was in the nursery. I did sleep at times because I remember being woken up a lot. The hard part was not falling asleep but staying asleep for longer than 10 minutes. One time I woke up struggling to breathe because Alexis had climbed up ONTO MY THROAT and gone back to sleep. I also woke to her crying, wheezing, or just subconsciously to check on her occasionally. Sometimes she just wanted to snuggle in for a little cuddle. She fell back to sleep easily most times, so it probably was best for her. It is kind of nice to know that she feels better just being close to me. I woke this morning to find her standing over me smiling, gorgeous but creepy!

Alexis is bright and cheerful this morning. A very cute, very adventurous, and very vocal little cherub. Her father is obviously sick because he is extremely grouchy and intolerant. I am most likely going to be in trouble for saying that, but he'll see the funny side in a few days. Me, well, I feel disgusting and I'm indecisive, vague and my head is heavy. I'm also cranky. I know I need more sleep but I'm not quite sure yet whether I should try to sleep now through bub playing or if I should pull myself together and have a nap later. Considering all I had for dinner last night was half a can of spaghetti, I think breakfast is a very high priority. Oh wait, I forgot to buy milk yesterday, "oh what a beautiful morning"...

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