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Saturday, January 22, 2011

funny looks from strangers

Note: I've updated the "scientific findings" page and added a "tips from me to you" page. These can be seen by clicking the pink tabs next to the "home" tab.

2:45pm. Today was another beautiful Queensland day so we decided to go to Seaworld again. There were a few things we didn't get done last time, and as we have have passes until June, all it cost us was fuel and food. It took us hours to get here, thanks to school holiday traffic. So many people had the same idea as us so they made an extra carpark on the grass.

We looked at the penguins. The penguins are cute but the enclosure is tiny, well the viewing area is anyway. We then searched for a table in the main eating area while corey went off for food. The pirate show started. We could not see anything but we could hear it. We then watched the jet ski show and ran to the sesame street show. We literally ran as the jet ski show finished at the same time sesame street started, at the opposite end of the park. We saw it last time we were there but bubba enjoyed it so much we wanted to take her again. We caught the last bit, and because there were no seats left we stood. That's ok it's easier to daggy dance when standing. It's also easier to get out at the end.

I had the privilege of accompanying Alexis on the merry-go-round. I had to physically pry her hands off the pole when it finished. She really wanted to go around again but we had to get off as there were people waiting. Corey missed watching us, as he had been keeping an eye on a clearly distressed little boy who was lost. Corey didn't dare go up to him for fear of being falsely accused of being dodgy. It's so sad that our society is like this. Neither of us was prepared to let this kid (3 or 4 years old?) wander around on his own, so we thought it best if I talk to him. I approached the boy who had tears streaming down his face. "Where's your mummy?" "I don't know". "Where did you see her last?" "I don't remember". I steered him towards a shop in search of security when I was intercepted by his furious mother. The stare she gave me could kill a shark. I suppose she was just worried and relieved to find him, but she looked mad. Maybe mad at him for running off but it seriously looked as though she was scrutinising me. I'm glad she found him and I'm glad he was safe. I didn't expect any thanks but didn't expect to be treated like a criminal either. Sad world.

We brushed it off and visited the Polar bears. One was asleep, the other was yawning his head off. I don't blame them, the hot sun was intoxicating. We then lay Alexis in the pram, put the cover on and pushed her to shark bay for a sleep. Shark bay viewing area is under water, dark, air conditioned and ridiculously noisy. The prefect environment for Alexis to have a nap. As I write this I'm sitting on the floor against the wall rocking the pram backwards and forwards. Corey is off in search of drinks. My foot, no my whole leg, is numb because I sat on my foot again. I must stop doing this! Ah my fearless warrior is back with frozen raspberry. Yum!


Bub woke from her nap happy and refreshed. Corey took her on the merry go round, then I took her on the merry go round (yes, she scored three turns in a day). She kept pointing at the aeroplane ride. I thought she would be too little but she was ok to go on as long as a parent did too. I'm not overly fond of hights but I went on it for her sake as Corey was too tall. I had to pull the lever to make the plane go up and down. It was actually kinda fun although I was originally a bit nervous (sad but true).

We then stopped for afternoon tea, where I got an other stare for talking to another small child. In my defence he started it? He had a dolphin toy, brought it over to our table and started doing tricks with it. I was saying innocent things like "cool toy" and "clever dolphin". Alexis loved the show and he loved showing off. His mother (grandmother?) was not amused. Cranky lady.

We then watched the pirate show from a grassy hill. Someone tall sat in front of our pram (always happens) so we took Alexis out so she could see. Foolish! Alexis enjoyed the show for awhile but quickly decided she would rather chase the seagulls into the lake... I stopped that the only way I know how to keep her "still". Ladies you don't know awkward til you've fed a baby on a grass hill trying to be discreet coz there's people everywhere but suddenly yelp out in pain, "no we don't bite mummy!"

Despite the embarrassing moments we had the best day. Actually it's probably the embarrassing moments that I'll remember the most. One of the great things about being a parent is letting yourself act like a child. I enjoyed the merry-go-round. I enjoyed the aeroplanes. I enjoyed chasing Alexis down the hill. We act like children for the entertainment of the young ones of course, but it feels really good in the process... Even if it does earn us funny looks.

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