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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting back to normal

Things appear to be getting back to normal now after our few days of sleep deprevation, with the exception of Alexis being a lot more confident on her feet. She can walk unassisted up to eight steps now, although is still a little wobbly. She is very comfortable cruising around (holding on to furniture or other objects for balance as she wanders around). She slept fairly well last night, only waking twice, which is actually good for us. Today Alexis has been her usual cheery self. We had breakfast, waved goodbye to daddy, and snuck in a quick morning nap (more for my benefit than hers).

When she woke twenty minutes later I tried to convince her to go back to sleep in bed with me but she crawled up me and over onto the bedside table. I picked her up and put her on the floor, much to her displeasure. I quickly babyproofed the bedside tables. By this I mean shovelling everything into the lockable top draw while she stood trying to pull everything down to chew on.

After that she 'helped' me put away several baskets of washing (we have a very interesting system, explained here) and explored the walk in wardrobe, reminding me that I really must clean it up a bit. She let me pull everything out but decided it was lunch time before I could put it back in. She relocated the clothes airer, stole the pegs and monstered the entertainment unit in the lounge while I prepared lunch. After lunch she then pulled everything out of the bottom drawer in the kitchen while I did some dishes. Oh we did three loads of washing throughout the day too.

She's just having her afternoon nap, and I think I've earned a snack before resuming mission wardrobe, so I scooped out some frozen yoghurt for myself. Yum! I tasted one mouthful before the washing machine kicked into spin cycle, shocking Alexis awake. I've got her back to sleep but my yoghurt has melted.

Yep, back to normal. ;)

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