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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi everyone. I'm not directly affected by the floods, and I hope that you're not too, but I was pretty shaken up by it all. Things like this really draw attention to what is important, which to me is primarily family. When I was packing my bags just in case I thought about what I could take with me. It was slightly overwhelming but I kept it together, grabbing some clothes, some cooled boiled water, some baby food, my phone, some personal hygiene things like soap, my daughter's favourite book, her birth certificate, dummies, and dolly. Not a very thorough job, I realise, but my main priority was making sure my little angel was happy. She was all I could really think about. I know it's unlikely our house will be affected but it is good to be prepared. Also it helped me stay busy and not panic. I did get time to bake a banana cake while Alexis was napping. It's hard to panic with a cake in the oven. Many thanks to my family and friends for checking up on me. It's ironic how I'm usually home alone with Alexis during the day with no worries but the second the thought of being isolated with her came into my mind it freaked me out.

No long post tonight, just a quick hello. I pray you are all safe and well. Whatever happens, try not to be too attached to material things. When you feel overwhelmed find somebody to hug. Pray God is watching over us and stops the rain.

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