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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I hate being sick/my husband is great

I can't sleep. It's so annoying. Alexis is sleeping soundly, thank God, but I'm not. I am irritated by the fact that I know I should be sleeping, because when she wakes I will need to be there for her. I won't wake her up, she really needs her rest. We both have the flu, or something. Again.

Corey is camping out in the spare room to avoid my germs, although we suspect it is too late for that, he's coming down with it too. It's hard to avoid getting sick when your wife and baby are incubating all manner of nasty parasites.

Alexis just might sleep through tonight(?) She was pretty tired. Oh no I hear a cough. Poor little thing. I'll wait and see if she goes back to sleep on her own, she did last night. Corey's up to her, well I won't interfere. Looks like he's got her back to sleep. No, time for a feed. That's ok it's not like I was sleeping anyway.

I absolutely hate being sick, and do not cope well with it at all. Since Alexis was born, no wait, since I fell pregnant with Alexis, I seem to get sick with everything going. It also takes me a long time to recover now. Is it the fact that she gets the best of the nutrients I eat or the interrupted sleep or the fact that I can't just drop the bundle and sleep it off for a few days anymore? All of the above?

I really am a sook when I'm sick. I can't stand congestion headaches, blocked ears, or fevers. It honestly brings me to tears like a school girl who's been dumped for the first time. Ok actually I've never been dumped but I imagine it would feel like this. "Why me? Life is so unfair!" Then I remember it is just a cold or flu or something and chances are I'm going to recover just fine. I am so cross with myself for being mopey. It's only been a few days. People out there have real problems to worry about.

It does hurt a lot, with my glands all swollen like a bullfrog. I hate it when this happens. It triggers memories of being wiped out for an entire uni summer holidays (like three months!) with the dreaded glandular fever. All I could eat was chicken nuggets and grapes. Even that experience wasn't too bad though. My parents had foxtel and my sister had health problems too, so we lay on mattresses on the floor of the lounge room in the air-con watching "Who's Line is it Anyway"and "Ready Steady Cook". I do have some fond memories of that summer.

Alexis is back to sleep. I should try to nod off myself. I'm having a bit of trouble because of the congestion. If I was exhausted I could ignore it but I am not because I had a three hour snooze this afternoon, waking up every 15 mins or so to replace the tissue I had shoved up my nostrils. So maybe I did drop the bundle today a little bit!

Corey has been pretty awesome, although he did try to tell me to snap out of it and go shopping with him for about half an hour, and then he tried to get me to "just watch Alexis" while he set up the portable aircon while I protested "I don't want it just watch your daughter she's trying to jump off the bed. He was wonderful for trying to help, but I just wanted to sleep then and there.

Once he got it through his head that I was passing out and unable to do anything other than gasp for air, he eased up, and took Alexis for a drive so she would get some sleep. I had been trying to get her to nap for hours but she was uncomfortable and just wouldn't drift off. He was back within minutes, as she was snoring so loudly, he transfered her to her cot and she slept for about three hours after that. He also ordered dinner so I wouldn't have to cook and drove Alexis around tonight to get her to sleep while I curled up in the foetal position burning up with fever "make it stop, make it stop". I'm up to the sweat it out stage already, that has to be a good thing right?

So yes, I dropped the bundle today and it will inevitably be Corey's turn soon. I hope he can hold off one more day but I don't like my chances. So I must try sleep again. Hopefully this bug (flu I think) will go away as quickly as it snuck up on us.

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