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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Limiting noctobub

I know I know, people out there have real problems, it's not nice to complain about petty little things, but, in the spirit of things "getting back to normal" after the floods, so shall I. Besides, I'm not complaining, really I'm not. I'm educating, data logging and keeping myself awake.

It's 2 am. I want to be sleeping. I'm not. Bubba woke up. Bubba went to bed before 8 pm. Stupidly mummy and daddy didn't go to sleep until closer to midnight. We were discussing dirty words such as budget, credit card, and account balance. Daddy has to work tomorrow so daddy gets to go back to sleep. Mummy has to drive daddy to work, so mummy hopes bubba goes back to sleep soon. Bubba doesn't seem too keen on sleep. Mummy is so tired she is referring to herself in third person.

It's not so bad. I managed to convince Alexis that she is still tired (she is) and she was drifting off to sleep, then Corey coughed. I thought that was the end of it. Bubba thought she'd slept a few more hours and it was time to play. It was actually quite literally only twenty seconds of sleep. I rang Corey asking him to bring a dummy (Alexis had thrown hers. No idea where it was). He was still awake, I had heard him coughing. Amazingly he did bring a dummy, without complaining! See Corey knows that I could have gone to get the dummy myself but it might have been too difficult to get bubba to sleep after that. We are learning the art of limiting noctobub. When Alexis is stubbornly fighting returning to sleep it is easier to limit the amount of potential distractions. The short trip from bedroom to kitchen and back has many things that could be interesting to an "I no need sleep" baby.

I managed to convince bubba she needed more sleep again (thank you Corey, great team work) but when I went to put her down (a few times) she woke up. Patting her in the cot didn't work so I'm cuddling her for a while. I shall now try again.


Goodnight world.

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