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Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrubbing the shower (at 10pm)

Yes, the title is correct, I decided to scrub the shower seals at 10pm. I didn't want to wake anyone so I worked with what I had: a small nailbrush. Not overly effective, but surprisingly useful nonetheless. So, why? Long story that could actually be summed up as "they were dirty", but for the purposes of having a ramble: the thought process that led me to sitting on the bottom of the shower scrubbing the seals with a nail brush at 10pm....

Yesterday was Australia Day. We decided not to go to any parties or anything but to stay home and have a quiet one, partly because Alexis hasn't been sleeping too well, party because I needed time to do some housework, partly because we just couldn't be bothered, and partly because my ears have been blocking and popping and blocking and popping and blocking and popping (and being quite painful) for seriously about a month now. Both of the places we were invited to would have involved swimming, and we thought I might give swimming a break for a bit and see how that goes. It's not at all un-Australian to go "just can't be stuffed mate" and sit on the couch with a cold drink and a pie and a DVD), so that's exactly what we planned to do for lunch, followed by a few menial house tasks and lamb chops and potato bake that night.

We did do what we had planned, and it was a good day, but first we had a spur-of-the-moment trip to the doctor. Corey and I always argue with regards to going to the doctor. Any time anything goes wrong with Alexis or I he's like "go see a doctor". I always protest, "no, doctors don't do anything, they just say 'come back if it gets any worse". After a few days of Corey getting frustrated with me for getting nothing done because Alexis or myself has not improved he usually says "well I told you to go to the doctor," as if that would have fixed everything days ago. So, usually, to get him off my back, I bundle the baby up and we go to the doctor, to be told in slightly more diplomatic phrasing "you're not sick you're just tired", or at the very best "yes you're sick but there's nothing we can actually do for you so best to wait it out at home and come back if gets much worse".

I like our doctor. She's not impolite or lazy or unprofessional, she just believes in letting the body heal itself whenever possible. It's a quality lacking in modern medicine and I actually really appreciate this about her. She's in a clean, quiet, bulk-billing practice (a rare gem indeed) and she speaks English. I'd like to think if anything was really wrong she'd pick up on it. I don't want to bother her with "I have a sore ear, can you please check it?" all the time. I just have stupid ears and stupid eustachian tubes, and once upon a time I used to be able to live with that no worries. It's difficult now because when my ears go my balance goes, and I lose confidence running around with Alexis on my hip when I don't know exactly which way up is. It just infuriates Corey that I won't go to the doctor about it, as he's a man, and (forgive the blatant gender stereotyping) men want instant fixes. I don't think she can hand me a magic pill to make me a better housewife sweetheart, sorry.

Anyway, yesterday Corey dragged me to the doctor to find out why my ears have been blocked on and off for over a month, why I'm always tired and often congested and why I get headaches so often. Of course, the devastating line "there's nothing wrong with your ears". It was a public holiday so consultation time was short. The only thing she could say in response to why have I been sick so long and could she maybe prescribe something to help, was "go home and rest". Annoying of course, but at least I had medical advice to rest and as Corey was in there (bub chucked a nark and he had to bring her in) he heard her say it too. So Corey did most of the work yesterday, which was great. I am aware that toxins in the home could be a big factor in me being sickly, so I've been on an "empty the bins, mop the floor" kick lately. So after Corey cooked potato bake and chops he vacuumed the floor and mopped the living areas. Score!

Today Alexis and I went to an indoor play centre with some ladies and bubs from church and had an absolute ball. I didn't feel sick at all. Maybe I'm allergic to something at home. My mother reads this blog, she's probably thinking, "yes, dust, it's disgusting :p. love you too mum.) It was so much fun, but it tired me out. I think the point in going there was to let the kids amuse themselves while we adults drunk coffee, but I don't do that. I had much more fun chasing the kids around and being an extremely oversized toddler than I would have had playing ladies. That's just me. So I wore myself out like a small child.

Alexis had a decent sleep this afternoon but was still very tired tonight. She just wouldn't admit it. Corey had to resort to driving Alexis to sleep tonight. I don't recommend using the car to get babies to sleep by the way, it seems like a good and easy idea at the time but they get used to it too easily. At least it works though! So when an overtired Alexis wouldn't sleep, hubby-to-the-rescue helped out while I cleaned up the highchair etc. He was back, toileted, changed, in bed and asleep before I was done wiping the highchair tray. That either says something about how tired she was (and Corey was) or how messy an eater she is.

I don't think I'm the only mother who cherishes a few precious minutes of peace at night by shutting the bathroom door (because we can!) and sitting on the toilet uninterupted before retiring to bed (to listen to hubby snoring). If I am the only one well I've just made a fool of myself, but that's what I like to do (sit on the toilet, not make a fool of myself)! I look forward to that time, as sad as it sounds. Well, tonight, exhausted, I lower myself down INTO THE BOWL because Corey did not put the seat down! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE THE LEVEL OF GROSSNESS. Why so gross? Well the pump for our toilets (water tank) is really noisy so when bubs is sleeping we kind of have this "if it's yellow let it mellow" rule...

So needless to say I jumped straight into the shower and I stayed in there for a very long time. While I was in there I happened to notice how disgustingly moldy and gross the seals were where the shower floor tiles meet the glass. Well THAT could definitely be part of the reason why I keep getting sick. I'm never very sick just haven't actually been well in ages. If I am repeatedly exposed to the same germs that would make sense. I have been meaning to clean the shower for far too long but I never seem to get time. So I decided to make time then and there. I didn't want to venture down to the laundry to get the chemicals and cleaning cloths etc, I wasn't that intelligent, I was tired. I looked around and saw a small nailbrush on the floor. So I picked it up and attacked the seals with it. It wasn't overly effective with the very stubborn spots but it did dislodge a fair bit of dirt and grime. I probably just made the mold angry and should attack it with some nasty chemicals tomorrow or on Saturday, but at least I felt like I was doing something. Hubby slept through the whole thing and had taken custody of the entire bed and all the blankets. What is it with men having the air-con on and the fan on high because it's "so hot" and then stealing the doona? Maybe THAT'S why I'm always sick Corey, who'd have though ey? ;)

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