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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things hubby does to help :-)

Things I appreciate about Hubby

I got the idea from a blog of a lady who has been married to her man  for 55 years! To view her original post click here She listed all the things she loves about her husband. This isn't all the things I love about Corey, just a list of non-mushy things he does to help me that I should be more appreciative of. Her list is quite different to mine, obviously, but it got me thinking. It's nice to think about the good things he does. Next time I want to  whinge at him for not filling the water bottle up (again!) or leaving the sauce on the bench (again!) or leaving a used nappy sack near the feeding chair (again!), or being noisy and waking up  the baby (again), or leaving the crusts from his toast on the bench (again!).... deep breath... I should remember these things.

- he works hard so I can stay home with bub
- he changes nappies, even the disgustingly dirty ones, and even at 2 am, mostly without complaining
- he baths bug most nights
- he sets his alarm half hour earlier than he needs to so he can watch Alexis before work while I shower
- he gives great massages
- he barbecues when we have visitors so I don't have to slave away in the kitchen
- he knows his way around the kitchen and although we both prefer I cook he can do quite a good spag bog, taco, burrito, potato bake or steamed veg
- he will do washing, dishes, etc if I ask him too. (eventually).
- he puts up with my ear aches, shoulder problems, and belly aches etc and is usually quite accommodating
- he tries to watch baby and let me nap whenever he can
- when I say "sorry I didn't get much house work done today I've been tired/sick/clung to all day" he says "its ok babe," and he means it.
- he knows how to use a vacuum cleaner and mop
- he feeds bubba her breakfast most mornings
- he is trying to notice when I do something around the house
- he rarely points out the mess and its been months since he's dared ask me what I do all day
- He gives great hugs
- he invents cool games to play with bubba
- he packs the car when we go out
- he puts petrol in my car for me
- he's confident enough with his masculinity to shop for girly things for me
- he is protective of his girls even when we tease him for being overprotective
- he knows how to relax
- he compliments my appearance, my cooking, and my attempts at being arty
- he is always warm
- he is oh so nice to cuddle up to

He doesn't do all these things all the time obviously (what DO I do all day? Lol) but gentlemen, if you're  looking for a way to score some brownie points, there's some pretty good tips right there.

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At February 3, 2011 at 12:49 PM , Anonymous Julie said...

He sounds like a keeper Karlee :-) I'm very lucky that I have a wonderful hubby too, but he does have his moments and can suffer from a serve case of Husbanditis.

At February 4, 2011 at 11:06 AM , Blogger The Mother Experiment said...

Thanks Julie. Mine has his moments too, that's for sure. Some times he's really busy and grouchy and critical without lifting a finger to help, but he makes up for it when he can. I'm think he thinks he can earn bonus credit and then mooch off it for a week!

At April 22, 2011 at 11:06 PM , OpenID meltdownschaosaspergers said...

How lovely for you to say these things and mean it about him. And yes, he does sound like a keeper!


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