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Friday, February 11, 2011

Even noisy when she sleeps

this was written about 5 am Tuesday morning but it's the first chance I've had to post it.

Alexis and I had a sleep over at my parents house last night (Monday night). We were over late and she fell asleep and we decided it was easier to pop her in the cot and stay here. It's very nice to have that option, thanks to my parents having their very own nursery here for Alexis and my niece to use. My old single bed is there for me too. It's very convenient. Alexis loves it here. She has more toys here than at home and there is even a high chair for her to use. Mum and dad are so thoughtful, they have everything here: bibs, cups, bowls, spoons, wipes, nappy-rash cream, full-fat cheese. They even have bananas here for her even though they cost $6/kg at the moment. Now that's love!

Alexis' favourite things at nanna and grandads (other than nanna and grandad) are the cats. There's six shiny 3D cat magnets on the fridge (or on the floor or in bubba's hands), and two very real, very fun to chase, very spoiled balls of fur. The furry felines started meowing and headbutting the door at about 5 am, which vaguely translates to, "hey you with the opposable thumbs, I want my breakfast".

The cats have done well to last this long though, seeing as I heard them jingling around (bells on collar) at 3 am when I was up with Alexis. Alexis has been back to sleep but I don't think the cats or I have. Alexis kept me up and I probably kept the cats up. Then again the rooster down the street is crowing, and the kookaburra's are singing, so the animal kingdom probably thinks this is play time.

I've been trying to sleep but it's hard to share a room with Alexis. I've realised that she is very noisy even when she's asleep. She has been tossing and turning and whimpering on and off all night. Also because its a slightly smaller cot she has wacked into the side rails a few times. Sometimes this wakes her up, sometimes she just shakes it off and goes back to sleep. It was quite upsetting for me to see!

Now she's just had a coughing fit that's lasted for at least half an hour while she was asleep. I was worried she would wake my parents up, and I was unable to sleep through it myself, but the main reason I wanted it to stop was because I thought it must not be good for her little body. I tried to wake her up for a feed but she wouldn't. I tried holding her upright for awhile. I couldn't stop it and I couldn't wake her. So I searched her cot, pulled out a solitary cat hair, then put her back down. I got myself something to eat, was thinking about going back to bed but she was still coughing. I fed the noisy cats, decided I could sleep on the couch, then Alexis woke up.

So it seems like when she really wants to sleep, she'll sleep, but that doesn't mean she can't stop me sleeping.

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