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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Modern technology, wonderful isn't it

Hi all, so I've been very quiet for a week. Yes I've been busy, I've also been unwell (stupid cold) but also I have been without the aide of my phone. I was never the sort of person who was glued to a mobile phone, until I got a good one. One with an internet browser, wifi, 3G, facebook, touch screen, notebook, calculator, a camera, a camcorder, and even the ability to make and receive phone calls and sms (on occasion). No it's not an iphone, I still tease my hubby for being attached to his iphone, but I wasn't much better ;). In my defence though I didn't use it for games (much), just for capturing photos and movies, writing my thoughts down, and keeping in touch with the world around me. It is on said phone that the vast majority of my blogging was done.

Last Thursday morning I found myself thinking "I use this thing too often, I should cut back". Last Thursday night my phone mysteriously stopped working. "The lights were on but no-one was home" so to speak, the little lights to say the phone was on flashed but the screen was dead. Now on a touch screen phone when the screen is dead you can not do anything. Not even make a phone call. So needless to say my phone is in for repairs. That was an adventure in itself.

The phone company couldn't send if off because my contract was started at a different store (a busier store a long long drive away) unless they could photocopy the receipt but their photocopier could not read it. So I trekked down to the newsagent and asked the 15-year-old clerk to photocopy it for me. I could have done it myself, I used to break the use the photocopier at work all the time, but as the sign says don't mess with this ask us for help, I did. The sweet, sweet boy did so without calling me old or technically inept or anything. He didn't even need to stick his tongue out the side of his mouth! Then I took it back to the phone shop, stomped around impatiently waited in line (again), only rolled my eyes three times and waited very patiently while they blatantly ignored me and talked to everyone elses baby making me miss mine who my father was kind enough to look after outside the store tried to fix the computer system. They had no loan phones to lend me, and so I laughed when they said "we'll call you to let you know when it's back". Gold star people. I asked roughly when I should start calling in to check seeing as they in fact had my phone, and they said "a few weeks".

I was in the process of looking for a cheap phone to buy for the interim when dad said "you can use my old phone with your SIM". Awesome! So I have a phone for phonecalls and sms but it's just not the same. I have to actually find the camera to take photos, and by the time I've done that and found new batteries, Alexis has stopped doing whatever cute thing it was she was doing. I have to actually turn a computer on to check facebook or blog or look up some piece of useless drivel information. It's less than convenient to try to venture into the study with a baby. Far too many things I don't want her wrecking dangerous things in this room. On the upside I can now use strikethrough script to annoy the willies out of you keep myself occupied.

My blog will probably be somewhat neglected for a while longer, as I can spend less time on the computer as I could quickly noting something while feeding Alexis or sitting in the car (with hubby driving) or whatever else I was doing. I will start again with a vengence eventually, probably when I get my phone back so I can open the notepad and find all those notes I wanted to turn into blog entries. I've got them saved on the computer (yay micro SD cards) but I think I need the app to open it.

Maybe the moral of this story is don't be a yuppy?

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At February 23, 2011 at 12:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this! Lovin the strikethroughs! hehe
- Manda xx


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