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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TC "yahtzee"

It is a warm, still, dry night here in the great South-East. It is strange to know that the northern part of this state is being battered and bruised at this very moment by a category five cyclone, 'Yazi'. It's an other prime example of media giving us access to information we otherwise wouldn't have known. Yazi is all over the news, all over the radio, all over facebook, and chanel 7 ceased all normal programming to bring non-stop updates. The only way to not hear about it is to not watch TV, listen to the radio or go on the internet. The distressing thing is we can do nothing about it.

No-one can really do anything about it. In the north, Emergency service personnel are bunkered down like everyone else. No-one is to go outside until this is all over. It is just too big. All the people in the thick of it can do is pray, protect their heads, hold each other and wait it out. Here, in the peace and quiet of a city so far away all we can do is pray, and either try to ignore it, or try to not let it wear us down. It is tempting to watch the news footage with morbid curiosity but what good will that do? Life must go on here. People must work, drive, sleep, carry on normal living. Myself, I must shop for presents for upcoming birthdays, do the laundry, cook and clean and plan my daughter's birthday party. Life goes on, but all of us are affected in our own ways.

When I first heard about TCYazi I couldn't help but chuckle because Yazzi is the pet name for my husband's car. I felt slightly guilty laughing at even more guilty for laughing at a joke my uncle told tonight, "I liked it better when Yazi was a game played with dice".

Is it distasteful to make jokes about something so serious? I don't think the north Queenslanders would be too offended. Queenslanders are generally light-hearted people. We try to be optimistic, seeing the bright side of life. Sometimes it is so hard to see the bright side of dark situations. Sometimes humour is all that is left.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, 'Yahtzee' is a game of chance played with five dice. It's a good game. There is an element of skill in choosing what to collect and what to discard, but luck is a huge factor. When I play I usually try to "will" the dice into rolling what I want. Occasionally I get lucky.

Perhaps a name that resembles a game of chance is quite fitting for this cyclone. People have prepared the best they can but now it comes down to chance, or fate, or mother nature, or God, however you look at it. All there is to do, for the time being, is hope for a happy ending. To hope the houses withstand the wind, and pray that by some miracle that no one is lost.

I pray that God has mercy on the people in north Queensland. I pray that Yazi fizzles out quicker than expected. I pray that when faced with fear many will think about eternity and turn to God. I pray that God will comfort His people through the storm, regardless of whether they have believed in him for five decades, five years or five minutes. I pray that when Yazi has passed, the people will come together to rebuild and help each other out.

That is all I can do, as I sit here feeding my baby and cuddling her tight. I suspect that when this is over we will witness that Queensland fighting spirit yet again. Until then, we wait.

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At February 6, 2011 at 7:56 PM , Anonymous vanessa said...

ooh nice post. love the comparison of yahtzee game and TCyazi. very fitting i believe.


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