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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh air, water, dirt, good for growth.

Today was full of adventures. There were a more than a few utterances of "should have stayed in bed today" but also some lovely moments as well.

Corey had to leave an hour earlier this morning, so we all got up an hour earlier. The extra bit of daylight was quite nice really, although I found myself completely warn out by 9:30, and now I'm in zombie-land, half-hearted drying my hair while I blog. It's too interesting a day not to document. Well, interesting by my standards anyway.

Getting up earlier and the fact that it was actually sunny today was a marvelous combination. Alexis and I had eaten breakfast, dressed and hung a load of washing on the line before it was overly hot. This is a small achievement. I have been thinking of taking her down to the park in the afternoon for many days but with the threat of summer storms (and teenagers) we haven't made it down. So this morning we made the most of the extra hour and headed down to the park. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was nice. It was meant to tire her out. I had taken the pram down, naively thinking she would fall asleep in the pram on the walk back.

The reality was a little different. I whisked Alexis away after about half an hour of trying to convince her to a) wear her hat and b) not actually eat the bark stuff or worse things she found amongst it. She was tired, but she was not ready to admit it. Picture me (overweight and unfit and slightly congested) pushing a pram up a steady hill. The pram has a sunshade on it. Little white sandals keep kicking out from under the sunshade. Protesting screams fill the air. The noise stops. The kicking stops. I thought my little princess had surrendered. We arrived home. I lifted the sunshade. Two little eyes peer brightly back at me. That's my girl. Very resilient.

I let her out for fear of the whinge-police coming to get us. We then checked the mail, and hung another load on the line. Well, I hung the washing on the line while Alexis walked around at my feet, played with the laundry trolley, picked "treasures" out of the garden (rocks, not turds, thankfully). Alexis screamed at me for trying to pick her up and take her inside. She arched her back, then taking another approach sat down and folded herself in half, headbutting the ground. This is her latest tactic. I hope this phase will pass soon! I noticed her shorts were wet. She had been sitting on her sippy cup and it had leaked onto her? Well that might have been why she didn't sleep. The sippy cup was not under her bottom when I left her, I'm not that mean, when I started pushing her home it was in her hands!

Seeing as her pants were wet and she was grotty I thought a swim in her clam shell might be nice but it was too hot near the taps and I didn't want to drag the full shell to the shade, so I decided to give her a "swim" in the bath. I filled the bath with cool water and let her loose. I didn't try to clean her I just let her play while I tidied the vanity. She thought she was in heaven. She played in there for so long. I plain forgot I had used cold water. By the time I got her out the poor little thing was nearly frozen. What a bad mummy I am! :p

Then the usual for a while, cuddles, feed, she had a sleep, then we had lunch. Then I left her in the highchair watching Sesame Street while I started the dishes. She watched the whole show! This is not normal for Alexis, who does not normally like to be contained or to sit in the one spot for long. We then played a very long game of "where's dolly?" Which is basically peekaboo, except with a doll. The gorgeous part was that it was Alexis who was "hiding" dolly from me and then bringing her back out with excitement. After that we went into the spare room where I've stashed the party-bag stuff for the big upcoming event. I attempted to assemble some party bags, thinking bub would play her daddy's drums happily beside me like she normally does, but Alexis thought it would be fun to climb into the tub where I was keeping everything. So I tipped everything out, took her (in the tub) out to the entry and filled the tub with 100 plastic balls. We then played a game of fetch, where Alexis through balls out and I retrieved them. I feel dirty and used, but it was fun. :)

I'm not sure of the order or exact events for the rest of the afternoon but I do know that stories (how many times can she ask me to read the one book before I crack?), TV, and raiding the plastics cupboard were all involved. She would not settle, so I thought "why not go to the bank and start an account for Alexis?" We were a few minutes away from the shops when Alexis fell asleep, so in a spontaneous moment of insanity I decided to detour to a fast-food drivethru for a cheeseburger. I pulled into the car park to eat my prize in piece then flicked through some junk mail I had in the car (I'd picked it up on the way out the driveway. Clever hey). I enjoyed my moments of piece and quiet so much and so long that I was unexpectedly overtaken by kiddy-o-clock, where 20 (no joke. well maybe 10 but it felt like a hundred) soccer mums in 4WDs arrived for the post-school pit stop. The drive-thru line backed up so long that I (right at the end of the car park) was parked in. I had tried to get out a few times but everytime the line would move a new bimbo crept up behind me. I didn't beep the horn because I didn't want to wake Alexis. I didn't want to appear rude but I revved the car quite forcefully and inched back slowly but surely until bimbo mcbimbto-ton backed up. Yes it was incredibly rude but a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do. I then thought seeing as Alexis had not woken through that ordeal I should take us home and attempt party bags again.

Two bright little eyes greeted me as soon as we pulled in the driveway. Two bright but still very tired little eyes. Two little eyes and one large mouth that would not surrender to going back to sleep. So we played some more. I think Alexis pulled all the shoes off the shoe-rack? Eventually she got so restless we went outside in the late afternoon shade and I let her loose. She explored the grass, the concrete, the hose (she even got water out of it with it turned off just by shaking it really hard), the dirt, (I squashed the exploration of ant hill and spider), practiced walking down the hill and back up, she was having a ball. I took her little trike out there and pushed her around a bit. She loves outside. She's an outdoorsy girl. I made a quick phonecall and in that time she tried to push over her clam shell pool that was wedged strategically between the pole and a chair, and TRIED TO PICK UP HER FATHER'S MOUNTAIN BIKE. Obviously she failed but she did get one tire off the ground. What am I feeding this kid!? They need to get the energy out of breastmilk and formulate some supplement for adults. I wish I had her energy, but no I'm not prepared to drink my own milk for it, that would be wrong on so many levels.

We played some more, played outside with daddy, talked to the little boy over the fence, then she wouldn't let me put her down so I made dinner with her on my hip (this has to stop!). Dinner in itself was adventurous. I found a great way to use leftover savoury mince by the way, one sheet of puff pastry and just spread the mince over it and top with cheese and bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. SOOOO easy. It turned out really well except in my haste I had accidentally used the cheap baking paper, the kind where the paper and bottom layer of pastry fuse and you have to throw it out coz you just can't tell what is pastry and what is paper. That was definitely a "shouldn't have bothered" moment, but it still tasted good. It was the final push we needed after many months of "I should just throw that out" I asked Corey to dispose of the cheap baking paper for me. Ah it feels good.

We played some more for a long time too and showered Alexis and she is now asleep. She has done her customary wake up and now I think it's time I can get some sleep too. I haven't mentioned, Alexis has been sleeping through lately! It's so good. I haven't mentioned it because I haven't wanted to jinx us. She still goes to sleep at the breast, but she wakes up after a half hour or hour or so and if we get to her quick enough we can usually put dummy in and stroke her/pat her/cuddle her back to sleep and she'll usually sleep the night then. It means Corey and I have been staying up later so we can respond to her quickly rather than groggily waking up and heading to her so slowly she's gotten herself all worked up by then. So I'm getting less sleep but I'm getting a longer chunk of sleep and I think that's better for me for now. Hopefully this works for a while, then the trying to get her to sleep without a feed will begin.

Actually, at dinner tonight she was crying and crying and not eating and she would accept a feed from me or anything so I tried her with a bottle and she gobbled it down then ate her dinner, so she's already begun the process of starting to think about weaning herself. It's a good thing, really, but it did smart a little at the time. For those of you who've gone before me, how did you wean your kids? Or did they wean themselves?

Now our epic day is over, time for sleep. "Night night world. Night night me. Night night you" (from one of the several books we read ad nauseum today).

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