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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Touched by generosity

Today I was blessed by the generosity and kindness of two ladies and their families. I did not know either of these ladies until we all attended a play date at a mutual friend's place a month or two ago. We seemed to hit it off well because our babies are similar ages and at the same developmental stage. Babies are a very easy conversation starter, especially when they have no problems crawling all over each other regardless of whether that person is a stranger or not.

One of the ladies "friended" me on facebook and we've been talking a bit on there but haven't actually seen each other since. The other lady I met again at an other play date and then "friended" me too. Facebook is good for things like that.

Anyway, this first lady was kind and generous enough to invite Alexis and I to her daughter's birthday party. I was unsure if we should attend or not, as we didn't know them very well and would not want to intrude on something so special. However we did go, because she seemed legitimately keen on us going, it wasn't just a courtesy invite. Besides, what better way is there to get to know other mums than going to a first birthday party? I am so glad we went. It was a wonderful day. The birthday girl is a beautiful princess, and her parents should be so proud of how well behaved she was. Alexis thoroughly enjoyed playing with the other babies and being adored by the other adults. We even received party bags and ate a lovely lunch and Alexis enjoyed watching the birthday girl opening all her presents. It was so lovely to feel welcome.

The second lady really blessed me as well at the start of the party today because even though I tried to be organised this morning, I totally forgot to take food for Alexis. Lunch was still a fair way off being ready when Alexis was quite hungry. This lady was kind and generous enough to give us a jar of baby food for Alexis to eat. It was a yummy one too, not one of those ones that everyone buys but the baby refuses to eat. Later on, I was hot and sweaty and a little bit out of it. I hadn't taken my own drinks other than water because that's all I usually drink, and Alexis had drunk most of my water and the rest I'd poured over her head because she was all hot and sweaty in the summer heat. This lady was kind and generous enough to give me one of her cans of drink. It might seem small, but let me assure you it was not. The ice cold can of (caffeinated!)soft drink really hit the spot. I was able to enjoy the rest of the party so much more after that.

So, a huge thank you to the two beautiful ladies for making us feel so welcome. I know at least one of you reads this blog. Honestly, thank you so much for your generosity. There was other people too, like the lady who blew bubbles to keep Alexis entertained while I was getting ready to feed her, and the gentleman who smiled at her to cheer her up when she was grouchy and tired, and the little boy who happily let her climb him and play with his toys. Thank you all, kind strangers. :)

I know that many people are very generous to me and my little family all the time, and I don't thank any of you anywhere near as much as I should: my parents, Corey's parents, my sister, actually my whole family, you are all wonderful people. I hope you know I really appreciate you, but it is so lovely and heart-warming when generosity comes unexpectedly from people you hardly know.

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At February 9, 2011 at 12:08 AM , Blogger Amanda said...

thanks for visiting my blog. Mudrooms are very big here in The US and esp. in the MidWest where we get soooo much snow, ice and rain. Its the room off the garage with hooks, baskets, boot trays...a big closet-like dumping ground :)


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