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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big head

Alexis has always had a rather large head. "It's all the brains," my family says. It's not off the charts, and it's  a very cute big head, but it's a big head none the less.

Alexis' cranial abundance  has caused us both trouble since the day she was born. Well to be honest, her big head was putting pressure on me and causing me pain well before the day I was induced. For the last month of pregnancy when I stood up it felt like the baby's head was going to crack me open and find its own way out. The birth must have been traumatic for her as well as me though.  Her head circumference was measured at 37 cm.

Now, if the circumference of a circle is diameter times pi, with pi being 3.1415, then the diameter is 37 divided by 3.1415 which equals approximately 11.78cm. Now with "fully dilated" being 10cm, that's close to 1.8 cm needing to be accomodated somehow.  Yes, a lot of pain for mummy and a needle and thread required later (with local anesthetic and lots and lots of happy gas) but I'd guess it'd mean one heck of a headache for poor bubba Alexis. 

Since then our darling's huge halo has made dressing  quite difficult. We need to move up sizes in singlets regularly because they only stretch so far. We do frequently get them stuck, with howls of protest from the head owner. 

Hats are an issue too, with her outgrowing her favourite hat very quickly and it being difficult for us to find a cute enough replacement. She is quite fussy. We ended up going for a bucket hat for ages 1-3, I hope this gets some use.

What triggered all this reminiscence is that I just had to struggle rediculously hard to fit a brand new T-shirt over Alexis' head. Definitely this shirt is a fairly tight-necked shirt, but I undid the two buttons on the side first. It shouldn't be THAT hard.

I guess clothing is biased towards babies with small heads. Alexis head follows the normal growth curve for babies born with large head circumference though. There must be babies with bigger heads out there. What do parents of babies with abnormally large head size do?  Plus Alexis barely has any hair, what about babies with thick curly hair? I've heard of dressing in clothes a size up for height, or weight, but head size?

So I'm asking you for input, does your baby have a large head? Have you found any brands or styles of clothing that are more big-head friendly? I like her to  have her chest and shoulders covered. I'm not into strappy tops where the nipples pop out and too many buttons is too much hassle. I like to dress her in pretty, normal T-shirts, I just don't want to risk decapitating her in the process. Any ideas for me?

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At March 15, 2011 at 3:20 PM , Blogger Julie said...

A newborn with a 37cm head circumference...ouch!! My daughter has always had a biggish head. I have always found the t-shirts from Target are a pretty good size for her big head, occassionally I have to give them a big tug to pull them off her head though. :-)


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