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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreamworld, for anyone interested

Ok, for anyone who is interested in how the Dreamworld adventure went, it was all in all a pretty good day. This is not a paid review by the way, I don't do those. We had golden moments, we had a few panicky moments (I can explain..), and there were boring times where I just sat on my butt waiting for the boys to get back while Alexis slept in the pram. It was fun, but I reckon if Corey wants to go play soldier again (he and his friend were obsessed with this laser skirmish thing) he can go by himself and leave us at home. That's silly to say though because it was a fairly good day, and if Alexis (and myself) had been in a happier mood it might have been even better, but all in all I think you have to either plan to do the kid thing or the adult thing. Trying to mix both is fairly exhausting for all involved.

Alexis is at that difficult age where she thinks she's invincible, but quite frankly she's not. Minding her on my own (while she was awake) at a place like that was incredibly daunting. She wants to walk, not sit in the pram, but she (obviously) wants to walk where SHE wants to walk and stop and play with whatever SHE wants to play with. It doesn't matter to her that someone is coming up fast behind us who could bowl her over in a second flat. It doesn't matter to her that the toy she has her eye set on is being used by a four year old who could punch her out quite easily if he got annoyed. It doesn't matter to her that the little boy she is trying to climb to get to whatever she is trying to reach has infected mosquito bites on his legs that have started bleeding and she has no concept of the diseases that can be transfered through blood. She doesn't understand that trying to climb up the slide, however clever it is, is not wise if there's a five year old (with shoes, in the socks only play centre) who decides he wants to knock her off. She doesn't understand that standing at the top of said slide proud of herself and trying to turn around to slide down is not the best idea when a tribe of toddlers decide she's taking too long and slide down regardless. I tried not to hover over her too closely but I didn't want her to get herself hurt or hurt anyone else. I didn't really know what to do. I found the whole thing awkward.

My discomfort was added to by the fact that the TVs that usually play wiggles DVDs were stuck on the menu only, not the actual DVD. So if you think the wiggles is bad, try listening to the same line over and over for half an hour. I tried to suggest it was morning tea time (an easy activity for panicky mummies, lol) and she had a tiny snack before jumping back into the action. I admire her determination, but her resolve is hard to deal with when I'm busting for a loo myself and it's evident she has a dirty nappy... Let's just say the boys got back just in time.

Lunch was cute though. She would not eat the food, of course, as she doesn't like chicken nuggets and chips but that's what Corey ordered her. He said it was nuggets or greasy burgers, but I know the sign said fish was an option, but hey if the nuggets were that bad (terrible) how bad might the fish had been. She ate half the bun off my burger and half the bun off Corey's burger before we remembered I'd brought a jar of apple and mango with me, so we gave her some of that. If we go back we go for the buffet restaurant like we did last time. It is air conditioned and clean and a much better option, and not much dearer (expensive, but so is glorified grease). The only problem is the line up for the restaurant is about an hour long and I Alexis just was not in the mood. She was clearly thirsty but wouldn't drink out of a baby bottle (I think maybe her teeth were hurting but also she likes to be a "grown up") so we bought her one of the souvenir cups with the removable straw and straw cover thing. We bought it with ice but put our own water in. She thought she was incredibly clever drinking from the straw. We were quite proud of her too. Then she discovered it was faster to pull the straw out, tip the cup out, and drink out of the hole. I love my little scientist, she is so clever, so cute, so funny, and at the time also very very wet.

After lunch we thought she'd have a sleep so we took turns pushing her in the pram around in circles while WA-bloke got his pass activated. We "virtually qued" for a ride that I wanted to go on. Virtual queing is awesome, you hire this device that holds your spot in the line while you go off and do whatever you want then you go back when the device beeps and you take your turn. It's so handy. That's how we got everything done we did. The boys got 3 turns on laser skirmish (the first one during the wiggles disaster, the second and third while bug slept), WA-bloke did a turn on the claw (while we were having lunch), and I dragged Corey on the river rapid ride all without having to line up. I wouldn't have gotten a ride otherwise. It was nice that WA-bloke could mind Alexis for a few minutes while Corey and I went on a ride together. There's no way we would have left her with him for an hour while we lined up though, so it worked so well. If you are going to go with a baby and with a friend, then definitely invest the money in getting a "Q4U" thing. Unfortunately you can't virtually que for the restaurant or the bathrooms or anything at white water world or the big red car ride.

In the afternoon we spent an hour or so at white water world. It was fairly cold by then and I was exhausted by the time we got there because I stupidly left my pass in my other pants in the locker and had to go back to get it. It's not a massive walk as such but when you've been on your feet all day it does take it out of you. When we finally got to white water world WA-bloke went off and did his own thing while Corey and I took Alexis to the baby section. She loved it. She was pointing at these water slides that we thought "no way", but, we asked the life guards and they said, "sure she can go but you can't ride tandem, one of you will have to push her from the top and the other catch her". Anyway, we thought we'd give it a go as Alexis is doing so well at swimming lessons and she seemed really keen. She LOVED it. Repeatedly. Seriously about 10 times. She wiped out a few times but kept gesturing for more and saying "again". Corey was quite proud of his little thrill seeker. Then it got too cold (and we were sick of walking up and down the ramp) so we took her to the heated wave pool. She loved it, but got upset when the waves stopped. We kept her occupied waiting for the waves to come back on by practicing her "swimming" between us. She is doing so well, she is a real water baby. We all got too cold before they turned the waves back on though, so I got her dry and dressed while Corey found WA-bloke and went on a slide.

So recounting our adventures it was quite a good day even though I didn't get to do what I had hoped we could. I didn't get to go on the paddle boat, or the train, or the classic cars, or feed a kangaroo, or pat a tiger, or watch the tiger show, or check out the other kiddy tree-house play thing. Corey didn't get to go on the rollercoasters either. So maybe we will go back again. There is still so much to do. I wonder if next time will be just as exhausting! Even with sitting around for an hour watching Alexis sleep while the boys played I was so tired by the end of the day. Thank the Lord for my parents letting us drop in on them for dinner! It was the perfect end to a busy day, and I don't think my body could have handled any more junk food but I certainly didn't feel like cooking.

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