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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

night wakings

These night wakings are really grating on me. I have so much trouble sleeping at night. We just got our one year old sleeping through before I fell pregnant, and I had a few blissful nights of 8 hours uninterupted sleep. It was bliss. My excitement was short-lived though because soon after the pregnancy hormones kicked in and I have been waking at least twice a night. At first I would just go to the toilet, have a drink of water and go back to sleep with little drama. Then there were the countless nights of lying there saying "please let me sleep, please let me sleep" for an hour or so until finally falling asleep just before my daughter woke up screaming. She is teething at the moment so she wakes early. I can convince her to go back to sleep after a feed (yeah I'm still breastfeeding even though my doctors say I need to stop) and a long cuddle, but by the time I do that my husband is up for the day. Well his alarm is anyway. His alarm is the mother of all things annoying but of course he has to go to work to pay the bills. Overtired and hormonal, I always feel like he needs me to keep him motivated, off his backside, getting ready for the day ahead. Of course he never appreciates my prompting, but if I don't get up with him he sits on his buttocks until 10 minutes before he has to leave when our daughter senses something is not right and wakes up, then we have the mad rush to get him ready and out the door while juggling a groggy toddler.

This morning I haven't bothered lying there punishing myself for being awake. I have gotten up, had a bowl of cereal and spent some time on the internet. I should do the dishes or something useful but I don't want to wake the baby. I am tired enough to sleep now but my daughter normally wakes soon. I don't want to wait up coz she woke randomly at 1 am so maybe she won't wake early today. I have a big day ahead (everyday is big) and know I need as much sleep as I can get. Listening to the violent snores from my bedroom hubby is on a roll tonight. I should try and sleep through it but I don't like my chances. Wish me luck!

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