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Sunday, March 27, 2011

of teeth, human and dinosaur

Why is it that when we have a big day planned Alexis happens to wake up at 5 and be miserable? It's not really her fault. At 13 months old she is finally getting her first top tooth.

As we welcome tooth number four it looks huge compared to her tiny little mouth. I've written a post before ('ouch') saying I thought top teeth were on the way months ago, before Christmas I think. Well at last one is finally here. I am proud for my little cherub, but being bitten and headbutted by an extremely grumpy version of herself at 5am is not my favourite past time to say the least.

Today is not the best timing either, with today being the day we escort Corey's colleague from WA to Dreamworld. I mean we are taking a man who is over from WA to Dreamworld from Brisbane by the way, we are not flying to Perth to pick him up obviously. Still, I must be on my best behaviour. (Pfft I shall try.)

I envisage today will consist of Corey and mate hitting the thrill rides while I take bug on the teacups ad nauseum, and possibly watch Dorothy the Dinosaur, if Alexis has decided she is no longer scared of her. That's a big if. Alexis loves her Dorothy doll (bigger than her) and loves wiggles on TV, but a lifesize plush dinosaur walking down the street is a little intimidating to the best of us. I am excited to be going back though because there is much we missed last time. I hope we can go on the paddle boat this time, I don't think Alexis has ever been on a boat. I hope I can stay awake, or find a nice dark safe corner..

Now that I have successfully convinced my little princess she can lie asleep in her cot for awhile longer (instead of on my face or my chest) it's time I wind myself down and try to get another hour's sleep until the alarm goes off telling me its time to go into "supportive wife and doting mother" mode: public edition.

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