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Monday, March 21, 2011

Where to start?

Does anyone else have a problem getting started with the housework?

So often when Alexis goes down for a sleep I find myself walking in circles scratching my head thinking (apart from oh gross when did I last wash my hair) where do I start?  Do I do the dishes (and risk waking her up) or pick stuff up off the floor (a lesson in futility) or attempt to vacuum (no that will wake her for sure) or mop (no I have to vacuum first) or sort laundry (but she likes to help me with that) or should I get dressed (if I don't shower before Corey leaves for work its quite common I will still have my jarmies on when I get home) or do I start preparing lunch or dinner (but if she needs help going back to sleep and I have stuff on the stove its tricky) or should I empty the bins (so so gross, that's Corey's job, but they are full... ) ... Or...

By the time I get to this point I'm a little dizzy, quite confused, a little hungry and let's face it, most likely to plonk my bottom on the lounge or bed and check facebook or start a blog entry, or lie in bed going "huh? My head hurts.."

I need a plan of attack I think. What do you do? Where should I start? Or maybe I can't decide because I actually do need a rest? Some days I go go go and get so much done. Maybe the indecisive days are a sign that I'm just still tired and its ok to take a break. Maybe. Or maybe I do just need a plan.  I don't know, I just can't decide.  ;)  

It's always worst on Mondays, because we never learn and jam too much into our weekends. A normal Monday: I'm tired, the house is trashed, Alexis misses her daddy ,there are several loads of washing to catch up on, there's no clean cuttlery or plates or bottles or sippy cups or dummies left, there's lasagna remnants on the messy mat (and to either side) and the car still needs to be unpacked.  Corey is all for "just leave the housework and relax, its Sunday", and I fall for it almost every week. Yes, a day of rest is important, but what he fails to see is the impact it has on Monday (and Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday).

Every Monday I tell myself that on the next available weekend I will get stuck into the vacuuming and mopping and cook and freeze veggies and fruit teethers for Alexis in advance. Every weekend I fall for the "you have had a big week, just relax".  Every Monday I think "oops I did it again".

Does anyone else have this problem?

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At March 22, 2011 at 12:53 PM , Blogger Julie said...

Yep, I do!! I know exactly how you feel. I'm sure I used to be good at writing a to-do list and sticking to it, but that seems to have changed when I had a child ;-)

I try to get things like cleaning the kitchen, packing the dishwasher done while Missy is having her breakfast. I've stopped picking up her toys, unless we have friends coming it just ends up in a mess seconds after I've tidied up. I sometimes put "Playschool" or "The Wiggles" on so I can have a quick shower!

I too have difficulty getting things done without waking my daughter. She's become a light sleeper, so much that when I walk on the floorboards it sometimes wakes her. I can't vaccum, as she gets upset with the noise, so the floor and rugs are a mess most days.

Just remember to take it easy and not to stress about the cleaning, it'll be there tomorrow if you can't get it done today! Enjoy the time with your little one as it goes by way too quickly. ;-)


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