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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not JUST morning sickness

Written Wednesday 20/4
So I've been fairly sick for the last week or so. I thought it was just a mixture of morning sickness and sleep deprivation. I was sick for the first five months of my first pregnancy, and I've had trouble sleeping, so it"s a fair assumption.

Alexis has been extra grizzly for a while too. I didn't think much of it because she is cutting new teeth, it's been raining, and I've been reducing the number of breastfeeds. She's had major trouble sleeping and she's had a sore mouth, but I just assumed she was teething. That's not a totally stupid assumption either.

This afternoon I was feeding Alexis and I noticed she was very warm. I checked her temperature, it was 37.6. I wasn't too worried. Half an hour later I checked her again, it was 38.6. I rang the doctors surgery and they said to bring her straight down as it was closing time.

I rushed there, only taking the time to put a bra on and lock the back door. I didn't bother with the pram or the nappy bag or anything except wallet and keys.

I got held up at the entrance to the shopping centre car park by some baffoon in a yellow shirt directing traffic while some other knob did a 17-point-turn to back his truck and trailer down the wrong side of the road I wanted to turn down.  When I finally got there I grabbed my thongs (which I conveniently leave in the car for days like this) and Alexis and ran in.

The doctors made us wait for 45 minutes. 

It was too hard to restrain Alexis. She ran around the waiting room looking as though there was nothing wrong with her. It was embarrassing because 15 minutes earlier I had been on the phone asking for advice. I almost gave up and went home.

Then the doc saw us. Her temp was 39.6 degrees and she has puss on her right tonsil and inflammation of her left tonsil. "Good call," he said, "she has tonsilitis. She will need antibiotics."  

I asked what caused it, he said probably Streptococcus. I told him I am pregnant and asked if it could harm the baby. His answer was "if you get a sore throat come and see us." I asked very nicely if he could check me while I was there. He did.

"Woah you have a fever too.  And fluid on this ear. And this ear too. Say aah, oh Woah yeah you have tonsilitis too, and blisters in your mouth. Yep you will need antibiotics too."

Continued writing on Thursday 21/4 still about Wednesday.

With regards to the baby he said, "hopefully this won't effect your pregnancy" which I'm going to choose to take as good news. I mean, logically it shouldn't hurt the baby as long as I take care of myself.  Right? With a sick toddler. Yep. Help.

Corey had met us there by the time I got out but the doc wouldn't see him and they couldn't fit him in today or tomorrow. He's convinced he's got it too, which he probably does, which is not helpful because I kinda need him to pick up the slack around the house. Corey is not a gracious patient, so I really pray his superior immune system kicks in and spares us, I mean him, the grief.      

We then had the difficult task of finding a pharmacy still open at 6pm because it was that late by the time the receptionist took my money and sent us on our way. Corey drove us around while I was on yellow pages on his iPhone. They can be handy those silly phones. I had to call a few places to find one open and then I had to call back to ask for directions because of roadworks. By the time we grabbed drugs and dinner and got home we were all pretty whacked. Alexis sprung to life with some food and medicine in her belly. It's amazing how resilient kids can be, unlike us adults! 

My dad was nice enough to come pick Corey up and take him to retrieve his car. Thanks dad! Corey returned armed with strepsils. I can't take them during pregnancy but it might work well for him.

Then we had the difficult task of getting Alexis to sleep. She was feeling better and didn't want to stop playing. I'd prefer that to her being miserable and in pain if I wasn't so desperate to sleep myself. We all decided it was easiest if Corey stayed in the end room and I had Alexis in with me. That would give Corey a good chance of recovering quickly and I wouldn't have to get up to go to Alexis, because she would be right here.

About 1:30 Alexis woke but wouldn't resettle. She was in pain, I think, so I got Corey to help me shove some panadol down her throat.  By 2am Alexis, still awake, decided it was playtime. I kept her on the bed and wouldn't let her go even though she was quite cross with me. Eventually she surrendered to the thought of going back to sleep and by about 3:30 she was sleeping again. We snoozed on and off til 7 but it was not a good quality of sleep. She was very unsettled and I woke frequently to stop her rolling off the bed or to move her off my arm because it had gone dead.   

She is, despite everything, quite happy this morning. She ate her breakfast and tolerated her antibiotics relatively well. I'm a bit dizzy (ear infections) so we're  cuddling up watching wiggles for a bit while I rest. I should get up and do something with her soon but I feel like a dogs breakfast.

It's tricky juggling the two babies already and the second isn't even close to being born yet. Alexis has obvious needs because she's here beside me in three dimensions and she's quite vocal when she needs me and she has basically had me to herself since she was born.  I need to look after myself too though, both for the baby and coz I'm still feeding Alexis (and we pretty much fed all night).

Anyway blogging isn't really helping anyone so I need to stop for now. I just wanted to warn you though, to not think "its just morning sickness" or "it's just teething".  If something really doesn't feel right then maybe it's not. I didn't think I needed to take Alexis to the doctor, and I was embarrassed to think I'd over-reacted but I'm glad I did. I should have taken myself in sooner. 

Fortunately we are coming up to Easter and Anzac Day so Corey has five days off starting tomorrow. Hopefully he can spend some quality time with Alexis and I can catch some sleep. I had plans to start on Alexis' new room (we will need to turf her out of the nursery once baby's born so I wanted to start getting the place ready so we could introduce her to her new room nice and early) but there will be another opportunity. Hopefully we can all get better before he has to go back to work. To my Christian friends, if you could pray for us that'd be great.      


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At April 22, 2011 at 3:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I feel like a dogs breakfast"
Hope you are all better, soon!
Praying for you ♥


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