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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Facebook. I love it. And I hate it.

Facebook is very useful but it is cruel in many ways. It is helpful because I can share links to my blog, allowing me to increase the amount of people who read this. It is interesting because old friends from school and uni and work have looked me up and "friended" me.  I have somewhere around 300 "friends" on Facebook.  Sometimes people who I haven't heard from in years add me and we really enjoy little convos and messages between eachother. Some distant friends quite enjoy this blog, and we would never have known that if it wasn't for Facebook.  Many have children similar ages and we like encouraging eachother and swapping stories. Some Facebook friends share inspirational quotes that brighten up a bad day. Some aspects of Facebook are great.

Some suck.

Facebook eats time. Facebook allows easy avenues to overshare information that you should perhaps keep to yourself. Facebook allows people to think you are close when you are not. Facebook allows for lazy communication and takes the personal touch out of relationships. Facebook puts some relationships on life support when there is probably a reason why you never spoke to these people very often. By this I mean pre Facebook if you moved away or grew apart you'd let some friendships die gracefully out of necessity rather than stringing them along or digging them up again years later.  Sometimes rediscovering old friends really pays off, but sometimes it doesn't.

Now for my personal pet hate. Facebook allows us to "talk" to people that we actually see in real-life in a non-personal, dettached way. Firstly news shared on facebook doesn't get the awesome reaction you'd get face to face. You go to tell someone something in person and they're like, "yeah I saw it on Facebook." Secondly it can take the 'burden' out of catching up with friends and family for real, which is bad because you miss so much.

Thirdly, the "you're still a loser" factor. It's an annoying habit of friends of friends to add eachother.  This lets us think our friendship circles are bigger and more inclusive than they really are.  When in reality it doesn't matter how many people "like" you on Facebook. If no-one likes you in real life, then no-one likes you in real life. If you can't break into the clique in the flesh then what's the point in trying to be someone you're not on the internet. I'm learning this the hard way. People can be all chatty and friendly on Facebook but epic silence when you see them in real life. There's also the likelihood you'll get to read all the chummy posts between friends in your news feed. Chummy posts that you clearly are not, nor ever going to be, a part of. Let's not forget the lovely photos of events that seemingly everyone has been invited to, that is everyone except you. Those can deliver a fair kick to the guts.

What am I gonna do about it? Probably nothing. Just whinge about it on my non-influential blog. I might even post a link on Facebook. Maybe. Who knows. I wouldn't want to offend anyone but if I do I probably will. If I don't, no-one will really see this, in which case the last 20 minutes have been a complete waste of time. Facebook, making me think I'm more important than I am since 2007. It seems as though our love-hate relationship shall continue for awhile longer at least.         


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At May 27, 2011 at 10:06 AM , Blogger Nicole Harry said...

Facebook, making me think I'm more important than I am since 2007.

This is the best tag line about FB I have seen! True too.


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