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Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you can't beat them...

If you can't beat them join them, so they say. I am of course referring to the word beat meaning to defeat, subdue, overcome, overpower. I don't mean to strike with violent force with intention to cause harm. Then again I obviously can't do that either...

Another interesting night worth blogging about. I wish in all earnest that all I was able to say was "nothing interesting happened, sorry", but alas Alexis is being far too cute for that. What's the problem? Well, its 3am. We have been up since 1. I would much rather be asleep. Noctobub Alexis is up and so then must I be. 

I know what you're thinking, "put her in the cot and let her cry". The thougt has crossed my mind, don't get me wrong, but as I wouldn't be able to sleep through that anyway I don't really see the point. Besides that it doesn't work for Alexis, it just doesn't. Corey and I have tried almost everything to get her to sleep, but to no avail. We have cuddled, patted, gave water, gave warm milk, snuggled in bed, held her still, we have administered panadol... we even tried reasoning with her. And yes, Corey has even taken her for a drive. All useless, although I did manage to unpack and restack the dishwasher and fill the sink to soak the bottles while they were gone. So, once I was done moping and feeling sorry for myself I sent Corey to bed and said I'd stay up with her. If you can't beat them, join them, right?

It's not that strange an idea that Alexis would want to stay up for a while for a few reasons. One, she had a late afternoon nap. Two, she was asleep 'early' by her standards. Three, she has had such disruptive sleep over the last week due to sickness that the 4.5 hour stretch of uninterupted sleep she had probably felt like a full night's sleep to her. Four, she hasn't been in contact with people for a week and the only place she's been other than our house and yard is our car, so the poor kid has a bad case of 'cabin fever' and thus isn't sleeping well because she's lacking stimulation. Five, it's Saturday night and she doesn't sleep well Saturday nights, probably because she doesn't sleep as well Saturday as she does during the week so is overtired. Six, she's starting to recover from her viral illness so why should she 'waste' time sleeping (in her eyes).     

So I put the dishwasher on and got myself a bowl of cereal, preparing for a long night.

We have a single couch in the dining room that we have named "the story chair" because when someone sits in that chair Alexis brings them a book to read her. She usually brings them several books. So I sat in the story chair. She didn't bring me a book. She dragged the broom out from beside the fridge and started dragging the broom across the floor. Is that child exploitation? It was fun to watch. Then I silently giggled with amusement as she brought me 'treasures' from the pantry: a Dorothy the dinosaur water bottle, a container of cereal, a container of arrowroot biscuits, and a 2L bottle of tomato sauce!

I then did the dishes (I didn't do them all day because I've missed Corey so much I didn't want to waste time doing dishes) while she continued emptying the pantry, and then the kitchen drawers. My kitchen floor is covered in random bits and pieces but at least the dishes are washed, the bottles and dummies are washed and sterilized, and I have had breakfast. It's 4am and my jobs for the day are done. Hehe. If only.

I then had to go to the loo, so the ensuite floor is cluttered with random treasures too, including a teatowel and a plastic bib. Oh goody. She also pulled a clean spare toothbrush out of the packet that she pulled out of the 'childlocked' drawer and started brushing the floor. I need to learn to make my toilet stops faster.

Eventually my little Alexis showed signs of being tired. I took her to the nursery, closed the door so she couldn't run too far, changed her nappy, and then did a little waltz with her for a while. It helps settle her and calms me down enough to attempt cuddling her off to sleep. She was admitting she was tired but something still wasn't right. I lifted my shirt and sure enough she latched on. There's no milk left in there, but she must just like the comfort. Breastfeeding has been one of her favourite past-times for her whole 15 months of life. She isn't going to give it up easily is she. Is there any harm in continuing to let her pretend to feed for a while longer? I don't think so?

Now she's asleep I'm just cuddling her for a while to make sure she is going to stay asleep. If she wakes up after a few minutes we will be back at the start but if she sleeps long enough to realise she's tired then she should stay down for a few hours. Please!!!

Those of you who have weaned your children before, is it common for them to still want to nurse even though there's no milk? Do they eventually just outgrow this on their own? I'd love to hear your experiences please.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever done to get your kids to sleep?              

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At May 22, 2011 at 10:11 AM , Blogger Nicole Harry said...

I am not into the cry it out thing,,,I think its mean. So I dance with my babies too! I love it. I also have a book called The No Cry Sleep Solution. It has great ideas!
Good luck with the early mornings, at least you got lots done,


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