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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A massively long post about a massively long day

*holds nose and tries so hard not to vomit.*

So THAT'S WHY she wouldn't sleep.

Ever have one of those days where your little one won't have a sleep but they look tired. They act tired, running around but falling over randomly. You know they need a sleep. You try what usually works. (At this stage its a mixture of breastfeeding, cuddling, and bottom tapping while she sucks a dummy. No luck, just painfully sore nipples from her biting.)  You resort to back-up plan because she is hurting herself being so clumsy. (For me that's taking her for a drive.)  You give up, dejected. (I returned home and got her out of the car. I left her to play while I went to the bathroom.)

Suddenly the grizzly toddler is at your feet. There's a lot of grunting and squelchy noises, accompanied by a smell that would make a grown man cry. A smell that rivals slowly decaying roadkill. A smell that makes your eyes water.

As I try not to vomit I think to myself, "oh, so that's why she wouldn't sleep".  

This is what I wrote at approximately 1:30pm this afternoon. I thought that after she dropped her biological weapon Alexis would surrender. I thought after a brisk clean-up she would cuddle up to me, close her eyes, and go to sleep. Sweet blessed sleep. Alexis, the little darling, had other ideas. She was by this stage so incredibly overtired that she was hyperactive, unsettlable. She had previously had a 1 minute sleep at around midday. I hadn't put her down yet when there was a knock on the door from a handy man come to fix our door. She wouldn't go back to sleep because she just has to know what's going on when something new happens. She normally has one 2-3 hour sleep during the day these days. She thought she had a lovely long sleep. She only had 1 minute, if that, but she would not be told. The main problem was that I too have grown used to the leisure of a day sleep. I wake up multiple times a night (pregnancy does that), so the nap during the day really helps. I was a zombie without a nap. I tried my "back-up-back-up" plan. I took her into bed with me and lay there, comatosed pretending to be asleep. I tried the approach of "baby you might not think you need a sleep but mummy needs a sleep so please go to sleep." She giggled, shimmied off the side of the bed, and found my guitar and started "playing" it. I love that she won't surrender to peer pressure when she's older, but for now I wish it was just a little easier for me to bully her convince her I know what's best.

So I decided to give up, to pull myself together, and to cheat go do something constructive. I put the Wiggles on for her in the spare room which is now the study as well. Seeing as the computer is in there now I thought I'd turn it on and catch up with some of those important things I avoid, like making sure we are not running out of money. The computer was virtually screwed. That was a lovely surprise. I turned it off, informed my husband that he would need to deal with it later, and used my laptop instead.

That's when I tried to log into a site I'd only used once before. I googled the name of it to find the link. I wasn't sure what my "username" was, and I wasn't sure what my "password" was, but I thought I remembered. It looked different to how I remembered it. I tried and tried and tried but got extremely confused. The technical support people (via Corey, they won't talk to me) reset my password (*cough* multiple times *cough*) and still no luck. Eventually I tried googling the link again, and yes indeedy, I was trying to log into the wrong part of the site. (I stopped bashing my head into a wall long enough to write a quick fess up about it on my blog)

In the mean time, I was too absorbed in what I was doing to realise that Alexis had tired of the wiggles (to which my head plays a mixture of the hallelulah chorus and the funeral march at the same time) and sneakily absconded with my notepad and pen. Our budding little artist is quite talented. Fortunately she only drew on the paper and herself. She started playing Corey's drums with the pen but I quickly swapped it for a set of sticks, which she only protested for a brief moment. She has a mighty awesome buzz on her!

She still wouldn't admit she was tired but she was cranky so I decided to give her an early dinner. It worked. She gobbled down some pureed pumpkin Corey had previously cooked and frozen. It's all we had so I chucked in some bread too. The strange child gobbled it down like it was a fantastic delicacy. On seeing how well she was devouring the pumpkin I looked frantically for something else easy to serve, so I heated some store-bought frozen veggies (which Alexis has always refused to eat) and another serve of pumpkin. I covered the veggies in the pumpkin and added some cheese and tomato sauce. It has to be the weirdest combination ever. Actually no, I lied, the yoghurt covered sweet and sour chicken would be the weirdest ever, but this came close. She loved it. She wore it. I bathed her.

Corey got home as I was drying her and after a quick play he BBQd some steaks for us and did a cabonara side-dish thingy (we always have some in the cupboard for 'meh' days.) Yum! We let Alexis watch the ABC2 stuff (which we never do at night coz it's painfully annoying) and sat down to dinner as adults! It was very nice. I think I might try to feed and bath her early more often. The other up side was that she was in bed, sleeping soundly by 8pm, which is early for us. Alexis is usually a sleep in late, go to bed late, kinda girl. Apparently it's not healthy for babies, but bite me, we do what we can. Anyway, she was in bed "early" and I was exhausted so I went looking for Corey to say goodnight. Before doing that I sculled what I thought was a glass of water on the table. It was lemonade. Oops. I don't drink a lot of soft drink so it hits me fairly quickly!

Corey was in fixing the computer. He was asking me all these incredibly difficult questions (I wanted to be asleep remember) such as "what happened to it today", and "can you be more specific?" Argh, so difficult! Hehe. Anyway, I answered, said goodnight, went to the toilet for the 300th time that hour, and lay down to sleep. The sugar kicked in. Now I'm wide awake. Yep, that's typical. Silly me trying to keep myself well hydrated. Good news is Corey's fixed the computer so I can stop stressing over that (you know, in case I blew it up just by looking at it. I have that effect on desktops).

I am tired, and I should be. This morning was huge, before the whole stinky poopoo thing. We pulled the bins in (a mammoth task coz I have to walk around in circles convincing Alexis to follow me and scoop her up in the front yard before she runs onto the street then endure the tantrum), played playdough (which required me carrying her table, chairs, playdough, roller, cutters, doll and dolls pram into the shade and then back again), watched playschool (lol), had morning tea, did the dishwasher stuff, stewed some apples, read a zillion stories... I'm sure there were other things in there I've forgotten too. Oh yes, commented a few times on a facebook status about teenage mums being forced to finish school or lose their parenting payments. I don't disagree with that so much, because education is a good way to make sure these ladies are employable in the future, but then there were the obligatory "anyone who doesn't work is a bludger, make them work" comments. Yeah, stay at home mums do nothing all day, we just watch day time TV and look at porn on our iphones while the babies feed themselves, change themselves, dress themselves, clean up after themselves, educate themselves, amuse themselves, hug themselves, carry themselves, put themselves to sleep and have a smoke under the staircase. Seriously people, try it for a few months, see how you go!

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At May 8, 2011 at 12:50 AM , Blogger Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Gotta love that sugar buzz! I'm exhausted just reading this you poor thing.


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