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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Noctobub strikes back

Sat 14/5

To quote the movie "27 Dresses", "love is patient, love is kind. Love is slowly losing your mind"...  I don't know how much more I have to lose. 

Those of you who have been following this for sometime know that my darling Alexis is not the best sleeper. Some would say its because I spoil her and do not make her cry herself to sleep. I retort with the fact that she has inherited a double dose of stubborn. She also has an amazing set of lungs and has a mighty large amount of stamina, thus our past attempts at self-settling have been short-lived. Leaving her in the cot to cry-it-out causes more tears to me (and stress to her father and annoyance to the neighbours and probably everyone within a 2km radius) than her I'm almost certain. Whether it is good for her or not is arguable, but if I hate it that much it ain't happening.  If she wants to sleep she goes to sleep in my arms with minimal fuss. If she doesn't want to sleep then the war begins.

Where does Alexis' stubborn nature come from? Well, both Corey and I are "strong willed" individuals, as are both my parents (I love you but you are) and I would suggest (at the risk of getting in trouble here) that both of Corey's parents are more than capable of digging their heals in on occasion. The poor kid had no chance. Let's just say that within reason, Alexis does what she wants when she wants. I save the mum card" for when what she is doing is dangerous. For example I will not let her play on the road no matter what. The little things such as whether she eats a tiny bit of playdough or whether she pulls the clean clothes out of the drawers don't bother me overly much. If she stays awake late at night but goes to sleep happy then so be it. I do not want to crush her fighting spirit too much... Usually this is not a problem as she is intelligent and understanding (for a toddler) and quite fun to be around. She is so cute and sweet that usually "her way" is quite reasonable. There is only the odd occasion where I think "what have I done, I've created a monster", or, "this sucks". Sometimes it would just seem that my daughter is in fact a noctobub

Now would be bordering on one of those moments. It's 3:40. We have been up since 2. Corey is now sleeping soundly, I hope, but he has been up and down like a yoyo. Alexis woke us up at 2, which is not unusual and no big deal. After a quick nappy change and cuddle she was back to sleep.  What was inconvenient is that a few minutes after me getting back to bed and finally getting warm she woke again. I voiced my displeasure and Corey kindly offered to bring her in to me then go to the other room. It is cold and she is STILL teething. We assumed she just wanted mummy and would settle down in bed with me easily. 

You know what they say about assumptions? 

Half an hour later she was still not settled. She was shoving her hands up my shirt scratching and pinching me. Apart from telling her off, I was mentally writing a post called "stop groping me and go to sleep". Those who have been through weaning probably know what I mean... Bubs give up the breastmilk before they are prepared to give up the contact...We are still "feeding" at night but it seems more like she's just playing with them because there's not much there.  It's frustrating for both of us. I really had to go to the bathroom (annoying side effect of pregnancy. Gah). She was off the bed and at my feet in no time.  I tried to get her back to sleep in her own room. No luck.

I suddenly had a moment of brain function: she didn't really eat her dinner, she was probably hungry. I put her down to test the theory and sure enough she went straight to the fridge. I got her a bottle of milk and because I was hungry, cold and tired I made some porridge. We shared the porridge and I woke Corey up again because it was freezing and I couldn't for the life of me find the remote for the heater. I hate appliances that only operate by remote. They are evil. After turning the lounges upside down and going through all Alexis' toys he found it on the kitchen table under a piece of paper. Whoops!  

By this stage Alexis had been up far too long to go straight back to sleep. It is now 4:30 and she is dozing on my lap but she keeps crying in her sleep so I won't put her down yet. While I'm sitting up here's what we have been up to.

We shared the porridge, she had a small play with a singing dog toy from her Godmother, I sat and started writing this while she explored a bit and finished her milk. I have learned through past experience that it is best, when she is in these moods, to let her roam and she will come back to me when she is ready. She did one of those eye-watering "so that's why she didn't eat her dinner" poos. It is similar to a "so that's why she couldn't sleep" poo except solid. I cleaned her up, etc then thought she might go to sleep. No luck yet, she ran away, but she did come back with some books. I read her some (we always do before bed). She still didn't want to surrender but I knew she was tired.

I can crack the whip when I have to. It's just easier and less painful if I do it in such a way that she doesn't realise. The key is to find a way to keep her still long enough for her to realise she's tired. The easiest way used to be a breastfeed but that doesn't work anymore.  My husband can physically hold her still but doesn't often as he worries he might accidentally hurt her now she is so strong. He would prefer to take her for a drive. I can't really hold her still, I'm too weak plus I don't want her to accidentally whack me in the belly. I am definitely not driving her at 4am so I had to think of something.

I started singing and drumming on her bottom. It took a good 20 minutes or so but it worked. It was random enough to keep her still until she finally closed those precious eyes long enough for her to drift off to sleep.  She is so beautiful. Noctobub has been sedated and is back in her cage, at least for now. Yet again its 5am now, so if it was summer the sun would already be up.

Yes indeed, noctobub has struck again.  

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At May 14, 2011 at 1:22 PM , Blogger Kit Kat said...

poor karlee...poor corey....poor alexis!!

At May 14, 2011 at 9:13 PM , Blogger Rhianna said...

stop being so harsh on yourself. you are doing the best and that is all that matters.


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