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Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome home Corey part 1

Yay, my fearless warrior has returned from his dusty adventures up North. What the heck am I talking about? Corey is home. You probably didn't know he was away because we have decided it was not a good idea for me to go "my husband is away" on the internet. Anyway, he recently had a brief business trip and now he is home.

Corey's trips seem to sneak up on me randomly with no warning. They're far enough apart that I get used to having him around but frequent enough that it was the deciding factor in me not returning to work. Every time he has one of these trips its been a different experience. When I was working I was so busy I barely even noticed he was gone. When Alexis was quite young my parents would come help me with her or we would stay there. She loved the extra attention so much that she sometimes would get upset when Corey returned home because she knew special grandparents time was ending. That was hard for Corey and I to deal with. As Alexis grew it became more and more noticable to Alexis that "daddy" was missing. She would bring my phone to me and ask to call him. She would still enjoy extra attention from her grandparents but started really missing Corey and running to him when he got home. This time was going to be a turning point for me because a) Alexis is much older now b) because she is weaned she has a lot more to do with Corey now c) I attempted to "fly solo" for the first time, managing without help from my family.

I learned a lot in those few days. It didn't help that Alexis and I were both terribly sick. Or maybe it did help that we were sick, because my expectations were not as high as they otherwise would have been. Anyone who has ever lived with or spent a great deal of time with me knows I can be a little hard to please. I am harder on myself than anyone else. A few times I've joked to Corey "I'll have this place spick and span before you get home". Sometimes I was upset I didn't achieve that goal, sometimes I did achieve that goal, only to be disappointed when he returned with a few loads of washing and filthy boots. To be fair he does clean up after himself, eventually, but it ruins the shiny clean house vibe. Anyway, this time my only goal was this: "me, Alexis and baby Wormy all still alive when Corey returns". Yay, a goal I succeeded in with flying colours.

I actually found, surprise surprise, that I enjoyed the special time just me and the kid(s). It's like an extension of the day but at night too. Nights are a bit more relaxed. I managed to feed us, shower us, clothe us, take the bins out, keep up with the dishes and even get a bit of sleep. So we had spaghetti on toast two nights in a row, that's only because we were sick and really didn't feel like eating a big meal. ;)

It's a lot easier now Alexis is older. Not only is she less of a drain on me physically and emotionally but she's also a fun little companion. As long as I'm either content to play blocks or playdough or read stories ad nauseum we are all good. Or there's the option of letting her demolish whatever housework I'm working on, that is always fun but quite messy. She is learning to interact with Corey long distance too. Alexis and I enjoyed talking with Corey over Skype. She is old enough to understand how it works now. She even had a private  "conversation" on the phone to him while I cooked lunch one day.

Yes it is getting easier but it still takes some getting used to. Although I miss him like crazy and can't wait for him to come home it still takes a little time to adjust to him returning home too. We always have the best intentions of a loving warm reunion and things just picking up where we left off. The best of plans in our heads rarely come to pass though. Children mess up plans. Sickness and fatigue mess up plans. Plans mess up plans. Read more about Corey's special welcome home experience in welcome home Corey part 2, when I get around to writing it. Right now though I'm exhausted.

Sweet dreams blogging world.
(Written 10:42 pm Thursday. I'll post when I get around to it).   

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