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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome home Corey part 2

This post follows on directly from my previous post ( "Welcome home Corey part 1").

Corey recently had a brief business trip. (Honestly you should read part 1 (same link as before). While he was away I was quite sick and Alexis was sick too. My milk ducts took the killer virus as a sign to dry up completely, so I was surviving on my own, through sickness, with a sick toddler, without my "get out of gaol free card" of sticking her on the boob.  It was hell on earth for a few days but we survived. 

Some good came out of it all. Alexis is now officially weaned off the breast. Although it saddens me a little to see the end of an era I am also quite relieved as it takes the hassle out of trying to wean her before the baby is born, because it's done. Hopefully because it is so early she won't be jealous of baby Wormy having them in another 22 weeks or so. I'm also very much excited about giving them a break!

Alexis handled my milk drying up pretty well, all things considered. She still tries to breastfeed occasionally and then gets frustrated because she remembers there's nothing there. It's tough on both of us. We are doing well, but it is a little emotional too. In the past we would get through Alexis' sick nights by letting her mix sleeping and grazing on the breast almost continuously. It was good for me in a way that we couldn't resort to that because it would have drained my body that was struggling to cope as it was. I was not prepared to let her cry to sleep while she was ill so to get her to sleep I did have to resort to less than ideal methods such as multiple bottles of cows milk, driving her to sleep at times, and even co-sleeping. Co-sleeping was ok actually I'm starting to quite enjoy it, but I still sleep better when she's in the cot because I can sleep deeply without worrying I might squish her or she might fall off the bed. The extra cows milk, along with the existing virus plaguing her, gave her a belly ache, which has led to a horrible nappy rash. She's still happy enough until it comes time to change her, which has been really frequent. So the days have been long and the nights have been long and sleep has been few and far between.

So imagine my excitement when I got a phone call from my loving husband saying he was coming home a night early to help. Actually I wasn't that excited. Why, you may ask? Because I had the feeling the following would happen, as it did....

Corey got home late at night (after Alexis was in bed). I stayed up to welcome him but couldn't find my keys so he had to let himself in. He had to leave for the office as usual the next morning. He was also sick. As I was getting better and he was getting sicker I was supposed to feel sorry for him. Yay for me, I now had two patients.

Alexis has a habit of not going back to sleep once she realises Corey is home, so we thought it was best he hide away in the other room for the night. I asked him to move his stuff out of sight. He moved his suitcase and laptop without even questioning. I was up to Alexis a few times during the night and early morning. At one stage I went to the kitchen to get her a new dummy with her on my hip and she saw Corey's hat on the kitchen bench. How did I miss that!? No more sleep for me. "DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD"."Daddy's sleeping," I said as I tried to get her back to sleep. 

About 5am I gave up. I woke Corey, "there's a little girl here who has missed you". I thought he would stay up with her and let me go back to sleep, but he just wasn't up to the responsibility of watching Alexis who was in destructor mode. So we all got up and he plonked his dopey self in front of the tv. So much for being helpful.

In his defense he was legitimately sick. He was dazed, confused, vague, shivering, snotty, sweaty and just generally gross. He did the best he can. It didn't make it any better though, he had come home early for a few reasons but one was, "to help" and he was pretty much useless. I'm sure he was more upset about it than I was so I tried to not be a cranky cow about it and rub it in. I really did try. 

After a shower and cup of tea he pulled himself together and even managed to feed Alexis her breakfast while I had some breakfast. I ate some crunchy nut cornflakes (remember that, its important, lol) to get sugar into me quickly. I don't have them often, I bought them for Corey, I normally prefer something a bit more substantial. They were so yummy, I really enjoyed them.

I then decided to capitalise on Corey being home and the extra awake time and announced that I was going to have a shower BY MYSELF for the first time in 4 days. Alexis had calmed down, Corey had woken up, so I left them to their own devices and had some time out. It was bliss. I stayed in there so long and had it nice and steamy so that I could clear my congested head. I sort of kinda temporarily forgot I was pregnant! (Pregnant women aren't really supposed to have hot showers.) Whoops! Please forgive me baby wormy!

I turned the shower off and opened the door and got my towel. The difference in air temperature hit me hard. I didn't feel well at all. I ignored it as I always do. I stepped back into the shower recess and began the drying process. My darling husband walked in to tell me that he had managed to get Alexis to sleep. His timing was unfortunate because it was at that same moment that I was unable to hold my breakfast down any longer. I was unable to make it out of the shower either. WARNING WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION ALERT... Little pieces of crunchy nut cornflakes and milk filled the bottom of the shower. Corey, who has seen me give birth unphased, was completely repulsed by the whole situation. It turns out he'd been feeling queasy all morning but unable to articulate it. He lost his breakfast (which fortunately was only a lukewarm cup of tea) in the sink. What a funny pair we make.

Despite his better judgement he obeyed my request to take my towels while I begun washing crunchy nut cornflakes down the shower drain. That stuff goes EVERYWHERE. Little pieces of peanuts stuck in this crevice and that crevice.. It was a nightmare. I asked him to get me some Pineoclean and a sponge. He took forever. Turns out he had been sick again ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!! He had the sense to clean it up immediately, despite me (blissfully unaware) yelling out directions on where to find the Pineoclean in case he couldn't find it.

I decided to clean the rest of the shower while I was there. There wasn't much that hadn't been splattered anyway. At least the shower is now clean. It's pretty disgusting how it takes a random set of unfortunate events to lead to me cleaning the shower; such as when Alexis pooped in it or that time I attacked it at 10pm at night after I fell into the toilet.

When I was out and dressed it was time for Corey to leave for work. "Why do you bother coming home?" I asked with a smile. "I don't know sometimes," he said cheekily, "I really don't.

Our little terror princess slept peacefully through the whole ordeal but as soon as the garage door was down and Corey's car was out of sight she woke, crying that she had missed him. She almost always waves goodbye.

I actually rang Corey and asked if he could circle back and wave goodbye to Alexis and guess what, he actually did. Alexis giggled with glee and waved goodbye as we met him at the top of the driveway. The things you do for love! I gestured for him to wind down the window. As he did I lent in and whispered (vomit breath and all), "welcome home sweetheart."  

It's all well and good to laugh at Corey for being a little less than his usual helpful self, but in all actuality it reminds me just how "useful" he normally is. So, in deed, welcome home Corey, thankyou for all you do to help.  To all the single parents out there, my heart goes out to you. I don't know how you do it, I really don't.

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At May 27, 2011 at 12:29 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Ohmigosh what a homecoming :o

Hope you are all well and truly on the mend!

At May 29, 2011 at 3:23 PM , Blogger Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Oh dear, tandem spewing? Noice.


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