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Sunday, May 29, 2011

When nothing goes to plan (but it turns out good)

We've just had one of those weekends where very little has gone to plan or been as expected. We had planned to work on Alexis' future room, catch up on cleaning, prepare for a garage sale and have a yummy lamb chop bbq with veggies and potato bake. Instead the weather wasn't great and we were tired from Alexis not sleeping well Friday night so we let the plans go out the window. Normally it is hard for me to deal with changes to plans but this weekend has been wonderful. We've rested, met new people, and had good quality time at home. Corey and I even managed to leave Alexis with my mum for a few hours this arvo while we saw a movie. It was a much needed treat as we hadn't been on a date since January and hadn't had any alone time since February. We also realised afterwards that we had missed our 7-years-since-we-started-going-out 'anniversary', so we decided to say it was for that. 

Other highlights include introducing Alexis to totem tennis on Saturday afternoon, saving money on the groceries by finding a new supermarket Saturday evening so splurging on pizza for dinner, and visiting a new church this morning.

Totem tennis was fun. Alexis mostly played playdough in the corner of the yard while Corey and I played, but she'd come up occasionally to bring us little balls of playdough. We only accidentally falconed her with the ball once. She was a good sport, giggling and saying "D'oh!".
We went to a different supermarket only because we were having too much fun playing to get to our normal one before it closed (5pm). The one we found is open til 9pm even on weekends and the meat and veg is much cheaper. We were very excited.. is that sad? No what's sad is me going in hubby's clothes because I couldn't bother getting changed. Hey, men's clothes are much comfier ok.

Church was great. I'd met the associate pastor and one other lady through playgroup (which I only went to once). They remembered me! They welcomed us as soon as we got there. The associate pastor/playgroup leader/Sunday school teacher/keyboard player/mother of three under 4 (very busy lady!) was actually waiting at the door for us! She'd messaged me the night before "hope to see you at church tomorrow", and there she was, waiting for us to turn up. It was so nice to be welcomed so warmly, slightly creepy, but very nice!

The whole church was quite welcoming and friendly. It probably helped that morning tea was on first rather than last this morning so people had not much to do other than chat. Standing around for 45 minutes (we arrived early then half hour for morning tea) wasn't part of my plan either but it encouraged us to mingle, which is not my strong point. It probably also helped that it's only a small church, about 50 people or so, so newbies stand out easily, unlike our previous church of approximately 10 times as many people. While it felt a little strange at first it didn't take long to settle in. I think we will definitely go back. There's elements of our old church I'll definitely miss (like the change table, couches for feeding babies, bitumen carpark, and Alexis' godparents and other friends) but I think having a creche, being half an hour closer to home and starting an hour later (we rarely made it to church once we moved because we wouldn't get up early enough) this is potentially a good fit for us. Time will tell.

They had a guest preacher, who seemed to hit the spot, saying exactly what I've been needing to hear. Nothing profound just a good dose of common sense. If you have a dream work for it. Be careful what you see and you hear (like on TV) and be careful what you say. Think positively, speak positively.. Don't lie but don't dwell on the negatives either. It's funny how we need to be reminded of common sense principles like that. I think God really wanted Corey and I there today. Scoff at me if you like ;) but I believe some coincidences are too good to be coincidences. 

It was so good to sit next to Corey and pay attention to the sermon rather than running around after Alexis (did I mention they have a toddlers program? The kids stay in for worship though, which is nice because I like having Alexis with me because she loves music). I was nervous to leave Alexis with strangers, but Corey walked her down, assuring me she'd be fine and if she wasn't someone would bring her back. A lovely young girl brought her back minutes from the end. Alexis had done well, but was crying because she was so tired from her very exciting morning. A drink of water and a snuggle stopped the crying and she fell asleep on the way home.

The one problem with church starting later is it finishes later. We had a mad rush to get everything ready to drop Alexis off at her nanna's so we could get to a friend's bday drinks. We got stuck behind a yobbo with a trailer for 10 km or so, which made us quite late.

I was embarrassed we were the last ones there and they had decided they were about to go off somewhere else on a bus. I knew they were planning to go to a few places but I thought they'd hang where they were meeting for a while first. We were only planning to go to the first place. I was worn out and tired and we don't have prepaid transport cards and we had no cash and I didn't want to be at the mercy of public transport with Alexis being babysat for the second time in the one day, and I was kind of all "socialled out" from church and my feet were sore (and I had to go to the bathroom just for something different) so we said sorry we would just say goodbye there. I felt really bad disappointing my friend but hey I'm a boring old parent now, and a pregnant one at that, so if something seems all too hard it really is all too hard. Actually I've always been boring, tentative, and not good with spontaneous, but now I almost have a socially acceptable excuse. Almost. Our friend knows full well what I'm like and yet still loves me, so I'm confident she will forgive me. I hope she had a great time with her other friends. I'll make it up to her sometime... somehow.   

Ironically when I called mum to say we were coming back she said, "oh we're having so much fun," so seeing as Corey and I were at the movies anyway (where the group was meeting) we decided we should see a movie. As described at the start of this post, we really needed it. I felt guilty and selfish for ditching the party for a date with my hubby, but I'd already said we couldn't go with them, we were there and we had a babysitter and a movie was just starting that Corey really really really wanted to see, so it seemed an opportunity too good to pass up. We really enjoyed it. Should I feel guilty? We then had a yummy dinner with mum before coming home for bed. I should be sleeping but I'm blogging, whoops!? Should I feel guilty for that too?

Big day tomorrow. We get to see our baby on the ultrasound. I'm so excited. Do you think we have planned to find out baby's sex or not? Things don't always go to plan anyway, as I'm learning slowly but sometimes that turns out for the best.


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At June 4, 2011 at 2:53 PM , Blogger Kit Kat said...

Karlee, I didn't realise how church orientated you are. It is really nice to read it and it's nice to hear about the common sense sermon.

Don't feel bad about the unplanned date with Corey - I bet it felt nice to just stop and watch a movie without worrying about Alexis.


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