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Church visit two - short-lived

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church visit two - short-lived

I was really looking forward to church this morning. It didn't turn out so great. Corey was sick, Alexis was cranky and over-tired, I was hungry, and we forgot to take a dummy for Alexis. Alexis was playing up during worship, keen to get to playtime.

They were doing things differently this morning in kids church, with different play areas set up and different people looking after the kids. They were all people Alexis hadn't met before and Alexis didn't cope overly well. They brought her back just a few minutes in. Corey was actually outside coughing his lungs up at the time. I tried to settle Alexis but she was really upset. I have no idea what happened but she was not a happy camper. She was probably just tired, but she wouldn't stop crying. As I said, we forgot to take a dummy (facepalm) so we decided to write it off as a bad joke and leave.  

I was pretty upset, because it was meant to be a special family service and I had hoped to stay for the free lunch after and meet some people. Oh well, such is life with kids. I'm not sure yet whether we will go back or try somewhere else or just give up for a while. Alexis is at that age where she's really too little for creche but too mobile to sit still through the sermon. 

She didn't even behave for the music this morning though. We chased her around before Corey actually took her outside to run around. All we got to hear this morning was the "give us all your money" spiel.  :( Whatever we decide I think I've learned my lesson - if a toddler doesn't sleep well Saturday night don't attempt taking her to church the next morning. That much is pretty obvious. 

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