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Friday, June 10, 2011

I think I broke superhubby

It's 8pm on a Friday night. Corey is in bed and Alexis and I are sitting on the couch cuddled up in a blanket watching a Wiggles DVD. Those without kids probably consider this extreme lameness. Your turn will come. Although to be honest, it's actually really nice.

It's been a big week. The last few posts will fill you in on the details. To pick up where I left off, I finally stopped sicking up about 9am Thursday. Every 20 minutes or so for 8 and a half hours I was "bowing down to the porcelain throne" so to speak. I assume it was not mere reaction to chemicals as I had originally thought. The virus or whatever it was continually found its way out the more conventional orifice for many more hours to come. So I got absolutely no sleep Wednesday night and Thursday wasn't overly pleasant either. 

Despite how dodgy I was feeling I still coped ok looking after Alexis. This is mainly because she was so well behaved. I am so proud of her and so grateful she was in a good mood. The weather helped. It was an extremely cold day yesterday (Thursday) so we cuddled up watching TV for a big chunk of the morning. I also pulled her playdough and plastic table and chairs inside for her because it was far too cold to play outdoors. This allowed me to supervise from the comfort of the couch, which was a nice touch. She had a nice long sleep for me from 2-4:30 or something like that, allowing me to catch a bit of shut-eye myself, which was soooo nice.  Baby Wormy even stopped kicking me long enough for me to fall asleep! Usually when Lexi goes down for her nap belly bub decides it's time for soccer practice.

The only thing resembling housework I did during the day on Thursday was chuck a Woolworths lasagna in the oven and do some dishes. We all need days like that. I forcefed myself some dinner and started feeling a little better so I started tidying up the place as best as I could so Corey could vacuum when he got home. I didn't dare go near any chemicals so I only did what I could with wet paper towel.

Corey had to do most of the cleaning for the inspection on Thursday night and this morning. Once again he was amazing and tried hard not to grizzle. He was well and truly over it by this morning though."If the real estate chick isn't happy tell her I did everything," he said. I grizzled that I had done a heap on Wednesday and that I would have done it all if I could. I still had a fair bit to do after he left for work too. Yes, it's true though, that Corey got lumped with the majority of it, and the yucky chemically stinky scrubby bathroom-cleaning type of jobs to boot. Once again I'm truly grateful, thankyou babe.

Fortunately I was feeling well enough this morning to do a few last minute bits and pieces like clean the sink and oven and empty the stinky bins. Needless to say there was no problem with us passing the inspection. There should never have been. I just like to make sure! Plus if we have to go to the trouble of getting the house clean we might as well do it well. It feels good to have the house clean, even if it wasn't me who did most of it. I even dragged myself (and Alexis) to the shops this arvo to buy bedding for her new bed. Her new bed will have to wait though, as it arrived yesterday flat-packed. Corey and I were looking forward to putting it together tonight but alas supperhubby has caught uselesswifey's tummy bug.    

He started hurling as soon as he got in the door, poor darling. So we've sent him to bed to try to sleep it off. Hopefully if he rests up he'll recover quickly. It's the kind of night that is just perfect for going to bed early. It's quiet, it's dark, it's cold. If Alexis wasn't a night owl I'd probably hit the sack myself.

I've never been a party animal so this kind of Friday night is not new to me. Before we had Alexis Corey and I would happily stay in Friday nights. We wouldn't be watching the Wiggles though, it'd be either the footy or some sort of movie on DVD. Usually accompanied by timtams or chocolate fondue. So it's quite similar yet very different.

How do you spend your Friday nights? Do you collapse on the couch grateful you made it through the week, or is it just our little family that does that?

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