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Sunday, June 5, 2011

mummy you can't sleep, I won't allow it

I wish I could sleep as deeply as my husband does. I wish Alexis could sleep as deeply as her daddy does. It's not really his fault he's a deep sleeper and I'm not. It just gets annoying.

I'm like a jealous toddler this morning. "I let you sleep in yesterday, for two hours. When's MY turn?" I wanna stomp and scream and cry and chuck a good old tanty. So childish and ridiculous. Just because I got up to Alexis yesterday morning without waking Corey and didn't wake him for two hours doesn't mean he has to reciprocate does it. I wasn't even quiet yesterday, I put the washing machine on and everything. It's not Corey hasn't tried to let me sleep. Alexis just wants my attention constantly and it takes a minor miracle for me to fall asleep. But still its not fair! ;) 

It doesn't help that I was up from 3am til 6am with Alexis coughing. I was rubbing her back and stroking her face and trying to make sure she got some sleep even if I didn't. I'm the mum, its my job, no its a privilege, but I would like to be able to catch up on that missed sleep somehow.

Alexis and I slept from 6-6:40 ish when she sprung into lifze and sat on my face jumping up and down. Not the nicest wake up call.  I woke Corey up at aqbout 6:50 asking him to take her for a while and let me go back to sleep. I said, "she's probably starving coz she didn't eat dinner last night remember."

About half an hour later I was drifting off to sleep despite the tv on and Alexis shaking the shapo and "singing" but she must have actually sensed I was asleep and felt the need to bang on the bedroom door. "Alexis mummy's sleeping," Corey says helpfully."No I'm not," I groaned."Sorry she just wants you".

I asked the obvious question with baited breath, "have you fed her breakfast?".... silence...."She wouldn't let me".


Alexis is happy to play with her daddy but once she wants something practical she feels compelled to come get me. I do believe Corey, that he would have tried to get her breakfast, but you kinda have to feed her first thing before she gets into play mode. Once she's so busy playing she gets cranky because she's hungry but doesn't want to stop playing to bother eating. 

Yet once she had successfully woken me up she was more than content to let Corey strap her in the chair and feed her. Silly girl.

I think someone is just tired and cranky and annoying this morning. Corey and Alexis aren't in the best of moods either.  

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