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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My all-nighter with the gorgeous blonde

Since my post "old before my time" I have had a couple of good days. I want to blog about those, I really should blog about those, but in typical blogger-mummy style for every good day there's a story that's not so glorious begging to be told. In typical blogger-mummy style a good day is followed with a rough night. That's where I am at now, so that's the story I'll tell, for now. I do hope I can fill in the gaps on the good days soon.

My darling Alexis is sick. My strong, independent, boisterous toddler has a sniffle and a cough and is in a fair amount of pain in her congested little head. She is, at this moment, my innocent, vulnerable, tiny little baby girl. I am, for now, her safety blanket. I am, for now, not getting sleep. I am, for now, the 24/7 on call nurse. I am happy to do it. I am just concerned how I will function ok all day and at the party Wednesday night. Will anyone notice if I sneak off and sleep in a corner for a few hours?

I have had a sniffle since Sunday and I tried so incredibly hard not to pass it on to Alexis. Share and share alike, she's come down with it anyway. She was a little snotty and chesty Tuesday morning but Tuesday afternoon I dropped her off at her grandparents' as planned. I had a few blissful hours of solitude while I went to the shops to buy myself some proper winter maternity clothes. There was a sale on and I desperately needed clothes to fit me and I don't feel guilty (surprisingly). Alexis was fine. She had a great time with grandad and nanna and would have been warmer and happier there than at the shops.

She cried most of the way home though. We played Peekaboo under the window shade while I stopped to get petro which was actually fun and tear free. I have one of those cards that lets me pay at the bowser - its the best invention. I then gave in and put the wiggles cd on for her and she somehow fell asleep through it 5 mins from home.

As foolish as it can be to let a baby nap at 5:30 pm it worked in my favour because I got to cook dinner without her under my feet and Corey and I got go eat together in peace. Corey was all excited thinking she was down for the night. Whilst I admire his wishful thinking I couldn't help but giggle when she woke just after we finished eating.

When she woke she was miserable. Absolutely inconsolably miserable. We thought she had "cooked her brain" (an expression we use to mean overheated in her sleep and woken up groggy) so we stripped off some layers and offered her some juice (sugar usually helps) while we got her dinner ready. No luck. Then we thought she just wanted mummy cuddles because even though she enjoys her special time with her grandparents she often punishes me when I get back for leaving her in the first place (the main reason I'm so reluctant to accept offers of babysitting).

Anyway, desperate to get her to stop crying, we put on her favourite wiggles video. Yes video, good old VHS in the VCR. The old Wiggles is, in the not so humble opinions of myself, my husband, and my impressionable offspring (including the one in the womb) a talented display of musicianship and manic genius. The new stuff, quite frankly, is so overproduced it makes me want to vomit. Oh how I digress...

Needless to say, the wiggles calmed my daughter and for that I am forever grateful. We transfered her to the highchair, laced her juice with panadol, and let her sit and pick at it while she watched wiggles. Corey rewound it for to watch again her twice until she had eaten enough. She had some of her juice but not much. It was a long shot, we never give her juice, but I thought it was worth a try.

After we showered and dressed her (always an extremely fun but tedious adventure) she was asking for more of her juice. We thought, why not, at least she will get more of the panadol into her. It was a great idea until she took the lid off her sippy cup (you learn something new everyday) and tipped it all over herself and the floor (and walked it throughout the house). Corey mopped the floor while I changed her.

Somewhere throughout this we decided to dose her up with some baby nurofen because we weren't sure how much panadol she'd had. It's "safe" to administer paracetemol and ibuprofen concurrently and although I hate doing it and secretly criticise those who choose to do it willy-nilly, I remembered the mother of all headaches I had on Sunday night and did not wish for Alexis to have to endure that.

"Where's the syringe for the nurofen?" Corey asked innocently. Oh bother. I had thrown it out a few months ago because we ran out of nurofen. I had intended to replace it. In typical baby-brain brilliance I had put the empty bottle back in the box, put the box back in the medicine cabinet, and forgotten all about it.

So began the mad rush to find a chemist open after hours. Corey thought it best if we all go so Alexis fell asleep on the way back. Stupid stupid stupid me insisted we wait to swap the towels into the dryer first (there was only 12 minutes left on the washing machine afterall). Then the road the chemist was on was closed and we had this annoyingly long detour. We asked the traffic man how to get to the chemist and the *don't call the traffic man nasty names Karlee its not his fault* said, "too bad it just closed. You're blocking traffic keep moving". Argh!

We drove some more and managed to find one. Corey, who had forgotten his shoes, shuffled in standing on my thongs, and returned triumphant with baby nurofen and nasal spray with aspirator. I would have gone in myself, maybe, if I was wearing appropriate attire, but as is my custom I wasn't.

We then begun the drive home. We put Alexis' car-sleepy-music on expecting she'd drift off. Half an hour later she was still up, just staring into space in the carseat. We tried to find some decent music on the radio. Sometimes "doof doof" (repetitive music with lots of bass) lulls her off to sleep. I searched through the presets. Talking, talking, talking, Bohemian rapsody, talking. Not a great choice. So I hit the manual change and found a station with an ok beat. The lyrics blared, "this is why you're sh*tting me, this is why you're sh*tting me". I quickly changed the chanel but it was too late. Corey and I looked at eachother and burst out laughing. That was the end of trying to get Alexis to sleep.               
When we got home we gave her the nurofen and she sucked it out of the syringe so she must have known she needed it. She usually puts up such a fuss. Then she walked over to the fridge and pointed at the bottles as if to say, "stupid parents I can't go to sleep you haven't given me milk yet." We laughed and gave her a bottle.

I then read her a few stories and we lay on the mattress on her bedroom floor while I sung one Billy Joel song after another while she finished her milk. She probably would have fallen asleep if we didn't have to change her nappy. Then she probably would have fallen asleep after that if I didn't decide to be a horrible mother and have to go to the toilet...

In the end I climbed into bed with her and after about half an hour of cuddles, stroking, patting, and singing she finally closed those precious eyes and drifted off to sleep. I've never been so happy to hear her snore. We had already prepared for me to sleep on the mattress beside her bed, so I got settled and went to sleep.    
I chose to sleep there for a few reasons. One, I was worried about her to be honest. Two, when she is sick she wants to know mummy is near and my presence comforts her. Three, because when she cried out I could just say "mummy's here" and reach out to her then roll over and go back to sleep, as opposed to wondering down from the other end of the house. Four, because if I get go her immediately when she wakes she's more likely to resettle. For 3 hours I dozed on and off in between resettling Alexis. From about 2am I could no longer sleep. I would just drift off and she would cough up and spit up or blow snot bubbles out her nose. It was terrible. Eventually I tried to use the aspirator to suck some snot out of her nose while she was sleeping. She batted my hand away and rolled away from me. Dejected I figured "fine she doesn't want me I'm just interfering and getting in her way."                 

I carried my pillows back to my room. If there was nothing I could do for her there was no point me being kept awake by her noise. I spent some time on the toilet. "MUMMA!!! Waaah! MUMMA!!! Waaah!" In those few minutes Alexis had wanted me. I found her on the mattress where I had been sleeping. She'd got down from the bed to look for me. I felt terrible. I gave her a cuddle and tried and tried to get her back to sleep.

I had to get in bed with her again. I cuddled, pat, sung, rubbed her back, rubbed her belly. After hours (no kidding) she fell asleep. I saw the sun come through the window. I closed my eyes. I heard a door creek. Corey was up to go to the loo. I groaned. I messaged him to turn the house phone off. I closed my eyes. I heard footsteps. "Oh so cute", he whispered. I had nothing to throw. I closed my eyes. I started drifting off. I heard the hot water system kick in. I closed my eyes. Alexis coughed. I closed my eyes. Alexis banged her head on the bed rail. She whinged at me for taking up space. I gave up. I left her there, sleeping.

I came into the bathroom to use the loo. "You scared the crap out of me," said Corey, "where's Alexis? "Asleep," I grizzled. "Ok you go back to sleep?" he asked."I dunno, its not a great start to the day. You forgetting something?" "No, its on your Facebook". I muttered something about that being about as personal as the randoms I haven't seen in years posting on my wall. He left, came back in with an envelope and shoved it in my face..."I'm on the toilet, not now!" Argh!!! Corey (trying not to sound cranky as he storms off): "happy birthday".  

Thank God Corey is forgiving. And bought me chocate for my birthday.  We are about to sit for breakky and then I will read my card. I need to eat something first so my brain functions. Wormy is kicking me, "mummy I hungry!!!" Pardon me for being a little cranky, babe, I'm just tired, and well, cranky. When I used to joke about wanting to spend my birthday tired from being kept up all night this isn't really what I had in mind. Oh how life changes with the arrival of children. 

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