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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

not so bad

The obstetritian appointment wasn't so bad. I was incredibly prepared, taking most of the spare clothes out of the nappy bag and filling it with toys, snacks, water, my wallet, my pregnancy booklet thing, and even a notepad and pen for Alexis to scribble on while the Dr took notes. My preparation paid off.

I left an hour early. Alexis fell asleep on the way. The carpark was full so I did a few laps around the block before finding a park on the street. I sat there until Alexis woke. So she had at least half an hour sleep. I wrestled her into the small stroller. She didn't mind it too much. It was a long walk up hill but fortunately the weather was beautiful so I actually enjoyed it. I ordered us some sandwiches from the kiosk. They were really yummy. They were a little expensive but I don't mind because I saved money by not getting into the carpark. We shared a table with a nice guy in his mid fifties. As I was finishing lunch he told me he was not getting too attached to his grandkids for their sake because he was dying of cancer. What can you possibly say in that situation? I tried to be pleasant and happy without being patronising. I should have offered to pray for him but I didn't. I don't really have the faith to do that kind of thing. I wish I did. He said he was looking forward to the end because he'd had migranes for 40 years. Then he said, "well I'm off for a smoke". I was a cheeky girl, much cheekier than normal as I grinned, "what are they gonna do, kill ya?"

After that I looked at things a little differently for a while. We had a great time playing in the kiddy play area in the waiting room. We only had a half hour wait and the doctor I got was such a nice guy. He was coherent and intelligent and spoke English and acknowledged Alexis. Quite a breath of fresh air. We were back to the car within 2 hours of parking so no parking ticket. I think I'm going to like this place. What was I worried about? ;)

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