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Slow cooker second attempt

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slow cooker second attempt

Slow cooker attempt two was today. We attempted beef ragout. We set it up at 8:30 to let it run for 8 hours on slow. We precooked the beef and bacon again. I didn't add onion because I don't like it (didn't add it to the curry either) so it was beef, mushroom, bacon, crushed tomatoes and the flavour thing. I was meant to add frozen peas 10 minutes before serving but I forgot.

The end result:

Very disappointing.

A big pile of tough, chewy overcooked meat. It's probably my fault for the way I precooked the meat. By the way, does "brown the meat" mean to cook it or just to brown the surface? 

Alexis won't even try it. She didn't try the curry either, but I didn't expect her to try the curry. I thought she might have picked at this. I was wrong.

She is being uncharacteristically belligerent tonight though, refusing everything except yoghurt and then custard but only after we gave in to letting her "feed" it to herself. Her utensil of choice, a fork.

She's a very clever baby if not the most practical.       

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At June 8, 2011 at 3:13 PM , Blogger Julie said...

"Brown the meat" means to brown the surface of the meat. So don't cook it or it'll go you probably found out. :(

If it's small pieces of meat it sometimes isn't necessary to brown the meat first, especially if you are leaving it on for 8 hours and going to be home, you can just give it a stir every now and again.

Cleaning tip: After our meal, hubby usually fills the slow cooker up with warm water and turns it on High and lets it soak for a while to loosen any dry or burnt bits off the sides. Then will turn it off and give it a wash with dishwashing liquid.


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