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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Superhubby still coming to the rescue

Not that he needs to prove to me how loving and sweet he is, but Corey has definitely earned himself a bucket load of browny points over the last 24 hours. Sure there's days he drives me nuts, but days like these I realise just how blessed I am.

At 2 am Wednesday morning he changed a pooey nappy and drove Alexis around for awhile because she just would not go back to sleep whatever else we tried and I was dangerously close to breaking point.

From 7:30-8 he got Alexis fed and dressed while I did my preparations for the ultrasound, which is basically pee, drink 800 ml water, then try not to vomit or pee. (We had to go back in because the baby got restless half way through last time.)

He then drove us in and parked and got the pram and the nappy bag and Alexis while I continued trying not to vomit or pee. He then had to amuse Alexis until 9:15 ish when we were seen. (You guessed it, I was pre-occupied trying to hold my full bladder.)

When we got in there he held Alexis who was sooking because she wanted mummy, and introduced her to her little brother or sister. He then had to restrain her and endure her crying for me when the sonographer told me to go empty my bladder because it was pushing on the baby making it hard for them to see. He then stood with Alexis (because for some reason she cries less when you hold her if you are standing up... we used to call her altitude baby) for the duration of the ultrasound. 

After that he drove us home then raced to work. He stayed late at work to make up the time he spent at the hospital with me, then swung past the shops to pick up "just a few things" for me. It was meant to be just nappies but the list I ended up emailing him was quite long including milk, yoghurt, deoderant, bananas and an assortment of cleaning products we need to get the house ready for tomorrow's inspection (the WORST part about renting).

He then swept the garage, moved the garage sale boxes and furniture from Alexis' new room ready for delivery of her new furniture today, rescued Alexis from the broken glass shards (see previous post), bathed her, dressed her, prepared a bottle of formula, cleaned up the broken glass, vacuumed, changed a pooey nappy, continued changing nappy even through vomiting (see previous post), cleaned up his mess, and held Alexis while I attended to my own personal clean up. He then played with Alexis while I dried my hair before driving us to maccas because I was craving post-mix coke.

He didn't even get cross with me when I couldn't drink my coke or finish my cheeseburger or chips because my throat hurt. He drove us home the long way so Alexis would fall asleep, put her in the cot, wished me goodnight then retired to the other room so he wouldn't disturb me with his coughing.

What a day! I'm exhausted just writing about it! For those of you wondering what I did all day (apart from pee and vomit) I wasn't lazy. I cleaned the mirrors and the glass door (bye bye my cousins hand prints from February...), cleaned the kitchen bench and stove, cleaned the laundry, took the bins out, sprayed some exit mould in the shower, did the dishes and picked things up off the floor. I worked hard too. That's the limit of what pregnant me can handle.

I think I might have accidentally made myself sick with the chemicals, because everything I've eaten or drunk since has recently come back up. As per my previous post, I was sick earlier tonight (about 8:30pm).  That is only the beginning.

At about 12:30 I woke up and spewed all over the bed. I didn't get any warning. I rang Corey in tears. He came in and we joked about how it was lucky he wasn't sleeping there.  He tried to clean it up but he couldn't stomach it. Alexis woke, so we decided he would go to her and I would deal with the mess. What a mess. I bundled up the bedding, matress protector and all, scrubbed the mattress, scraped everything into the laundry sink, and chucked the sheets into the washing machine.  Alexis kept waking so I got her back to sleep while Corey sprayed the mattress and begged Corey to just sit and hold her patting her while I continued to clean up because it was going to be really noisy (especially with me continuing to sick up as I went).              

Then we swapped and I cuddled Alexis for a nice long time before I was confident enough she would transfer to the cot ok. In that time my gorgeous hubby had blow-dried the mattress and re-made the bed. He'd even found me a sick bucket, which is good because it has come in handy.

I had tried to go back to sleep and had the same no-warning experience as before. Thankfully I had my trusty bucket and towel beside the bed. I'm feeling so miserable now. I'm incredibly thirsty but can't keep water down. Even a gastrolyte iceblock didn't last.  I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself so I thought I'd recount how amazing Corey has been to cheer me up. It's kinda working. I'd rather he was here hugging me but I know he needs his sleep. I hope he is sleeping. I'm going to need to ask him for another superhero day if we're going to pass this inspection on Friday morning.

Poor Corey. Next time I try to say "you do nothing" or "you don't care" you have my permission to bring up this post. 


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