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Winter - I guess it's not ALL bad

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter - I guess it's not ALL bad

Winter cops a bit of a bad rap at times. Personally I am not a fan. The shortening of day length and cold windy days get me down at times. I thought that being pregnant I would enjoy winter but I still find myself craving the arrival of spring. It's not all bad though, and because we are stuck with winter for a few more months yet, I've attempted to come up with a positive for all the things I dislike about winter. Here goes nothing.

:-( it's cold
:-) it's not hot

:-( it's so dry (grass is dry, rain tank is empty, skin dries out)
:-) less storms
:-( too cold for washing to dry on line
:-) dryer heats up house nicely

:-( too cold to play outside for long
:-) grass doesn't need mowing much (as opposed to summer it needs doing every week)
:-( weeds still grow just fine
:-) not outside as much = not so much of an issue

:-( hard to get motivated to get housework done
:-) nice weather for cuddles
:-) nice weather for soup
:-( Alexis doesn't eat soup (or anything that requires us spoon-feeding her) 

:-( too cold to bath Alexis at night
:-) showering her at night is fun so is letting her have a nice long bath during the day

:-( the days are too short
(Some people say kids go to bed earlier and sleep later but we have found it to not be the case for us. Because the sun sets at like 4:40 here Alexis is up for hours after the sun and actually wakes up earlier..  although
:-) usually when Alexis wakes during the night its easier to get her back to sleep and sometimes she even sleeps through
:-( it's so hard to get out of bed in the morning
:-) nice weather for a warm cup of tea 
:-( I never know what to wear or what to dress Alexis in when we go out because some places have the heater on and some don't
:-) this winter I introduced Alexis to her first babyccino. She didn't really like it but it was fun.

:-( more clothing = more washing
:-) less random cuts and bruises because clothes cushion falls

:-( having to wear clothes to bed
:-) excuse to buy cute pyjamas (I got mine for mothers day)

:-( have to fight with Alexis to dress her quickly because she tries her hardest to run around naked
:-) she has decided us chasing her around is hilariously entertaining... forced exercise for us

:-( I just want to eat almost constantly
:-) I'm pregnant so I'm allowed to
:-( hard to find good quality fresh fruit and veg and salad at the shops and what they have is really expensive
:-) at least carrots are cheap and go in just about anything 
:-( Alexis has learned to say "cake" and everyday at about 10am she asks for cake
:-) I enjoy baking and the oven warms the house up
:-( more mess to clean up
:-) Corey doesn't mind if I leave a few dishes in the sink if he gets cupcakes or muffins to take to work for morning tea

:-( I am reluctant to introduce Alexis to painting because it's so cold outside and I don't want the mess/fumes inside (especially cold windy days where the windows stay closed) 
:-) she seems relatively content with coloured pencils and textas at this stage

:-( my hands crack from cold and dry.. no moisturiser seems to stop it. I've had it every year since highschool.
:-) sometimes it gets me out of doing the dishes and I do refuse to scrub cloth nappies because of it. (We use disposables but we use cloth nappies to line the change table. We try to do mess-free nappy changes but its next to impossible)    

:-( its so hard to get up when Alexis wakes in the night

The best thing about this winter?

It should well and truly be over before our newborn baby comes along. I would not fancy breastfeeding in the middle of the night in this weather! 

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At June 27, 2011 at 11:04 PM , Blogger CRAP Mamma said...

I really dislike winter, except for the winter cuddles with the kids and hubby of course. I get the dry, cracked hands too, it's awful. Love the pic of Alexis!


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