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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Daddy's little fish

I love it when I am organised enough to go to swimming lessons with Corey and Alexis on a saturday morning. We initially started Alexis on swimming lessons to give her and Corey some bonding time while I ran around and did housework. When I became pregnant with Wormy I would use the time to have a nap. Sometimes though I'm feeling well or Corey is a little crook and requests I accompany him to dress Alexis while he gets changed afterwards. I love the opportunity to go and watch.

Alexis is truly happy in the water. She's a real water baby. She has no shortage of confidence and she adores the songs they sing and the actions they do. She seems to know the whole lesson off by heart. She practices being instructor with her soft toys and dollies at home.

I love her smile and giggle and big bright eyes she has in lessons. Most of all I feel privileged to intrude. It is invaluable daddy daughter time. Alexis is very lucky to have this special time with her daddy. When we contemplated stopping lessons for winter due to health and  finance reasons Corey openly said he wasnt ready to part with this special time either. I don't blame him one bit.

This morning is our first lesson in an earlier time slot. We changed it so it wouldn't take up the whole day. This morning Alexis decided to sleep in (does it count as a sleep in if we were up with her from 2-6am? Teething is a real pest) so we had a mad rush to het there in time. Nevertheless I think I like this class.

The class consists of three young men with three beautiful daughters. It's a lovely sight to see. These three young men are holding their babies, singing to them, cuddling them. It's an awesome thing to witness. There really is nothing cuter than a man with a baby. Mine of course, is the cutest.  The buff guy without a shirt isn't bad either, but Corey is my hotty, and holding our child makes him the cutest man on the planet. I'm not here to perve though, far from it. I'm only here to help.

Best of all none of the babies were crying they were just loving the water and loving the time with their daddies. I'm so glad we can afford this special opportunity for Alexis and Corey. She isn't really learning how to swim. She refuses to kick her legs. She can blow bubbles though and she holds her breath under water, so that's something. Really anything that encourages fathers and daughters to bond has to be worth the cost right? Corey's singing ability is improving too!   

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