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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My last few weekends

I wanted to write a post today to support fellow blogger Jess over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mum 's new project: "I blog on Tuesdays". Jess has noticed that Tuesdays are quiet blogging days, thus wants us to post stuff and link it up to hers. Jess' blog is awesome so I wanna join in. I wasn't sure what to write about though. I'm a little too tired to think hard, and I think a light-hearted post is in order after my last two rather serious 'preachy' posts. I have some gorgeous pics I wanna post but I'm saving them for wordless Wednesday tomorrow.

So I decided to procrastinate read the other blogs first, and I stumbled across this post @ "My big nutshell" which talks about weekends with kids and how difficult they can be to juggle. She asks a question, "what do you do on weekends?"

Like Gemma, I too have noticed how weekends can be hard to manage. It sounds weird, I mean, who doesn't love weekends? I love having hubby home, and Alexis loves having time with her daddy, but we too had noticed that the freefall from structured weekday to weekend had been a little much to handle. Over the last few months we have worked on changing the way weekends happen a little, to make sure that we don't spend the whole time fighting or sitting on our butts or trying to fit everything and anything in and spending the next few days utterly exhausted. So, here's what the last few weekends have been like for Corey, Alexis, Wormy and I.

We now try to do NOTHING Friday night. We almost always ended up having some social thing or another on a Friday night and we found it exhausting. A good weekend starts with a good Friday night, but when you have kids, a "good" night can mean an easy meal, a quiet play, and an early night. A few weeks ago we did go out, but only to the drive-in (which was so incredibly fun and I got to go in my tracksuit, lol). Knowing that I don't have to do much Friday night means that I tend to work a little harder than normal on Friday to make sure I've done enough to make the weekend as easy as possible for us. I try to make sure that I get all the washing done and all the dishes done during the day and I also try to make sure we have leftovers for Saturday lunch or dinner if I can.

We moved Alexis' swimming lesson to an earlier slot so that it doesn't take up the whole day. We did have the problem of her waking up ridiculously early and nagging us to go until before falling asleep just as it was time for swimming. Now it's a few hours earlier it's easier although nagging still does occur. It's cute nagging though, she gets her towel and swim bag out of the cupboard and carries them around until it's time to go.

When Alexis sleeps (either she falls asleep on the way home from swimming or we put her down for a nap after lunch) it is free time for Corey and I. Often I'll have a nap and he'll read for a while then we'll have lunch (if we haven't already) then do something together. We have "us" time, even if it is just playing Donkey Kong on the wii.

Once she wakes we feed her lunch, chuck the swimming gear in the washing machine, and then it's family time. If it's fine we'll be in the back yard kicking a ball around, if it's not fine we'll all get down on the floor and play with her cars or her duplo or do some colouring etc. The general idea is it's deliberate family time rather than "let Alexis amuse herself while we do housework" time.

The rest of saturday arvo is fairly flexible. Either we'll do the groceries or do some work around the house while Alexis amuses herself. This weekend just gone all three of us had haircuts, which was quite fun because it was Alexis' first.

If we're home Saturday night then Corey cooks dinner. Corey cooks at least once every weekend. The last weekend he has cooked all or part of every meal. It's pretty much a given now, although I try not to take it for granted. Corey cooking suits us because a) he's a better cook than I am anyway b) he likes helping c) I'm usually pretty stuffed by that stage d) we usually have a BBQ to get our red meat fix. When he mans the BBQ I cook some veggies and/or mac n cheese inside, with Alexis' help of course.

Sunday morning is meant to be church but we haven't been in ages because Alexis has been sick and there's been a lot of sickness going through the church. With a child Alexis' age taking her to church is just begging for her to get sick because they all shove everything in their mouths. We need her to not be sick for a few days to go visit someone (it's complicated), so church and playgroup has been off limits for a while unfortunately.

In the mean time we've had so much fun either having cooked breakfasts (which just don't happen any other time) and/or catching up with family. This past Sunday we were at Corey's mum's house for breakky.

Wherever we go on the weekends we always try to be home in time for Alexis to have her day sleep. We don't mind if she falls asleep in the car on the way home as long as there's long enough time for her to stay asleep once we get home. This is mainly for our benefit rather than hers, although we have noticed that when she maintains a steady day sleep she is more likely to not kick up a stink at night time.

This Sunday evening and night just gone Corey and I went on a date to Gold Class while Alexis had some time wtih my parents. We do try to have a date every few Sundays. It keeps us sane and it's good for Alexis too.

Generally the key to a fun weekend for us is to not try to tackle too much. Obviously there's times when we have to juggle lots of committments, and these are always fun, but for the most part it's easiest if we protect our family time and say "no" to things occasionally. That said though we don't stay home the whole weekend because then I'd just find lots of jobs for us to do.

Speaking of jobs, there are always jobs I "need" done that don't get done. I'm learning to just go "meh" to this. I'd rather Corey spend time with Alexis and I than spend the whole time doing chores and resenting me for it. Besides, if he's going to cook so I get a rest then I'll forgive him not cleaning the floormat or washing the car or whatever random jobs I've decided he needs to do. If he was playing games all weekend it'd be another story ;). If there's things that have been put off for a few weeks though, I write them on a list and the list stays on the bench until we do them. We prioritise what's most important. Usually laundry can wait til Monday apart from the swimming stuff. It's important both of us have a rest on the weekend. For me to rest he has to do more at home than he does during the week, but he has far more time to do it in so it evens out, I think.

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