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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cherish your cherubs - record

I have seen a few mummy bloggers doing this now, and I thought that seeing as it's 3am, baby Wormy has the hiccups, I have a tummy ache, and I am not that sleepy after an epic arvo nap, I will join in too. It seems like great fun. What I'm talking about is the latest project from Seven Cherubs called "Cherish Your Cherubs". This week's task is to record details about our kids (cherubs). I am going to include Wormy because he is very much a part of our family already, although his record won't be as detailed as Alexis' obviously.


Alexis is tall for her age and has a big head with lots of gorgeous blonde hair. It's very soft hair and tends to fly everywhere a bit like Einstein. She has her father's eyes, meaning that they change colour several times a day. It's kinda trippy, but very cute. She has my mother's soft skin, and has my "high" feet (I don't know how to explain it, her feet aren't that long or wide but high, making it difficult to find shoes). She has always been a skinny-mini but has recently taken to sticking her belly out copying my pregnant belly.

She has many interests and favourite things to do, including: reading stories, knocking down block towers, kissing her baby brother in my tummy, exploring, "drawing", making people laugh, playing peekaboo and "driving". She absolultely adores food. Her favourite food is banana, but her eyes also light up at the sight of strawberries, chocolate, cake, apple, peanut butter, cashews, cheese and juice. She is slightly obsessed with The Wiggles, and does the wiggles finger roll and says "Wiggles" when she wants to watch them, which would be always if we didn't work so hard at distracting her. She doesn't sit idly watching though, she practices the dances. She knows the actions to "Bear's Now Asleep" off by heart, does a great job at "Point your fingers and do the twist", and "Fruit Salad", and does the animal noises to "Do the Monkey".

She is adverse to sitting still for long so trying to confine her to the pram is a nightmare, not impossible but very difficult. The highchair is OK but only if there is food. Often during the day she sits up at the big table now, as long as what she's eating is not too messy. She doesn't take well to being told "no", and is developing quite the ability to chuck a tanty. She is not a fan of going to sleep but once she finally falls asleep she sleeps deeply.

She is developing a fairly good vocabulary but if she wants something she still prefers to point and sook over using her words. Some words she says a lot are "OK", "car," "Dor-Dor" (Dorothy), "bubba", "baby", "cake", "bot", "mumma", "daddy", "go", "juice", "doll", "book", "blue" (yeah very clever I know!), "ball", "yes", and of course "no! no! no! NO! NO!".

If you sit still for longer than five seconds then Alexis is likely to come up to you with a book and sit in your lap, as she adores reading stories. If you protest she is prone to hitting you with the book until you give in. We should probably squash this habit as she's getting quite strong. Once you read her one story she's likely to bring you about a dozen stories, one after the other. She loves anything from the Spot collection, "Muddypaws", "Where or Where is Huggle Buggle Bear?", "What is Prayer?", "Where is the Green Sheep", "My first book of songs and rhymes", and "Teach me to sing and pray". She absolutely loves being sung to. While her music of choice is Wiggles, Playschool, and nursery rhymes, she can be caught rocking out to pop and rock in her car seat.

At this stage her best friends are her Dolly and her big plush Dorothy the Dinosaur, although she'll give Elmo, Puppy, Scout, "baby" (a different doll) and "Bear" a good run too. She is starting to make some little (human) friends at playgroup, but she's more interested in the slide and crayons than the kids. Her best human friend is probably her baby cousin Isabella (Bubba Bella).

Isabella is now old enough and strong enough to hold her own with Alexis, (as opposed to a few months ago one of Alexis' favourite games was cuddling Izy from behind and knocking her over) and anything Alexis can do Izy can probably do better, or at least give it a very good try ;). The other day Alexis climbed up a slide, so Isabella (14 months) did it too. Even though they sometimes find it hard to share Nanna and Grandad's attention they get on really well, and if we haven't seen my sis and niece for a while Alexis will start asking for them.


"Baby Wormy" is currently in utero at 31 weeks gestational age. His current activities include storing fat, wriggling around, displacing my ribs and taking all the good stuff out of my food. He has a real name, which we use and he responds to, but it's not going on the blog until he's born. He is a very active baby, and prone to getting hiccups (poor darling). He plays with whatever toys he can find, namely his own hands, his umbilical cord, my internal organs (ouch!)... He does enjoy listening to us read stories though (well he kicks a lot. Either he enjoys it or he is saying "be quiet I'm trying to sleep and GET OFF ME!. Nah, I'm pretty sure he likes it), and I'm pretty sure he recognises Wiggles music when he hears it (poor kid doesn't get a chance). He wriggles up to Corey and/or Alexis when they kiss my belly or touch my belly. All he gets to eat at the moment is amniotic fluid. I haven't had many cravings with Wormy, unlike with his sister, but one thing I do crave a lot is chocolate. Maybe that's why he's so active (you think?). He will kick a LOT if I stay in the one place for very long.

We had a 3D/4D ultrasound of Wormy done a few weeks ago and it was so amazing to see him moving around in real-time on the TV screen. He looks like he has a rather cheeky personality, almost appearing to be smiling. He thrashed around a lot in the car on the way there so he was pretty tired by the time we got to the ultrasound, so we saw him chilling out, head in his hands, having a rest. The sonographer tried to wake him by tapping on my belly. Eventually he begrudgingly moved his hands so we could see his beautiful face. He has the dimples that most people in my family have (but Alexis missed). We got Alexis to sit up on the bed with me and "talk" to him and he responded by moving around a bit. He knows his big sister already and I'm sure he'll love her to bits. He loves his daddy very much and kicks around like crazy when I lie down at night if Corey has forgotten to say goodnight to him. Wormy knows if I am happy or sad, and gets distressed when I'm stressed, so I try to stay as calm as I can for his sake. We can hardly wait to meet him.

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At August 24, 2011 at 8:58 PM , Blogger Naomi said...

Oh Wow! I so love that messy face. gorgeous. Haha! Love how you have described Alexis and have given us a wonderful sneak peak into her life. How exciting that you have another one on the way and I remember being totally fascinated with having a 3D/4D ultrasound. Totally amazing stuff. So hope everything goes well for you in the coming week. N x

At August 26, 2011 at 10:32 AM , Blogger The Mother Experiment said...

Thanks :)


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