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grandparents, coins, rain, aloe vera and a giant slide

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

grandparents, coins, rain, aloe vera and a giant slide

Linking up to Thankful Thursday at Katesaysstuff, but also just a general update of the last 6 days or so.

It's been yet another big week for us. It's been a good week, but a big week nonetheless.

On Saturday night Alexis stayed over at her nanna's (Corey's mum) house. Corey and I were thankful for some time out and Alexis and her nanna had a great time.They played shopping, watched wiggles, went out for dinner, went to the park, and read story after story. Alexis slept through the night in her very own queen bed (spoilt much?). She enjoyed being showed off to all nanna's friends. I am thankful that she looked after Alexis so well and that Alexis was so well behaved.

It tired me out though because I didn't get a nap on Saturday (packing Alexis' stuff) or Sunday (going to pick her up). Of course Corey and I stayed up too late Saturday night and I couldn't sleep in Sunday morning no matter how hard I tried. It was very nice to have a rest though. I am thankful for bubble bath, nintendo, and fast food.

We stayed for a late arvo lunch on Sunday while we were there picking Alexis up and it was fun until one random guest lit up a cigarette at the table right next to me and exhaled smoke right in my face. Corey excused us while I was hurling my guts up in the bathroom, and we left shortly after. I was really embarrassed but, like, who blows smoke in the face of a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant? Alexis was right across from her too which upset me even more. You don't smoke near babies, period. I am thankful my husband took care of apologising for me.

I then spent Sunday night, Monday, and Monday night wheezing and gasping for breath, which seems like a ridiculous over reaction but unfortunately that is what happens to me when I am exposed to just a little bit of smoke. So I am incredibly thankful that Corey had Monday off and was able to look after us. It was a terrible waste of his public holiday, poor thing.

I am very thankful that my sister and niece came to playgroup with Alexis and I on Tuesday because a few times I had to "swap" with Amanda and get her to run around after a boisterous excited Alexis. Of course I'll take almost any excuse for extra cuddles with the beautiful, well behaved and lighter miss Isabella.:)

Yesterday I took Alexis to a local version of the ekka at a shopping centre. I am thankful it was free. My sister and niece and our parents joined us too. I am thankful for their energy and attention and excitement they were able to give to the girls. Mum and dad came prepared with bag of coins ready to spoil their granddaughters with rides on those supermarket rides (the ones that are usually "broken") and hired a two seater fire engine to push the girls around in instead of needing two prams. They played feed the clowns and patted the baby animals. We had a delicious lunch at a real restaurant (here's a free plug for the coffee club, they were so acomodating of us, our messy toddlers, and the big red fire engine). Then Alexis managed to convince her grandad to take her down the massive slide, twice. I am thankful she has her father's adventurous spirit rather than being afraid of heights like her nanna, aunty and I. It was a great day.

I got terribly sunburned, so last night I was thankful for aloe vera after sun gel and my hubby's gentle hands. I'm also incredibly thankful he found a shop open early this morning to buy me some more before he went to work. I'm extra specially thankful he took Alexis with him so I could shower.

Today I am most thankful for a lazy rainy morning because after the week we've had I needed it.  It was so nice to stay home just Alexis and I (and baby Wormy kicking every now and then). We read stories, we dressed some dolls and teddies and elmo, we had a yummy morning tea, we had a tickle fight, we watched some telly, etc. Rainy days with a small child can be annoying but every now and then they come at just the right time. I know my shoulders are thankful for a day out of the sun. Ouch. Might be time for some more aloe vera spray. 

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At August 18, 2011 at 9:28 PM , Blogger Lifeasmummymax said...

Sounds lovely! oh dont you hate when those broken machines come back to life lol Hope your sunburn isnt too bad. If the aloe fails bepanthanan helps too :)

At August 18, 2011 at 9:55 PM , Blogger Kate said...

What a busy week! I'm so glad you've been able to find things to be thankful for even during the more challenging parts.

I'm all emo kid sitting here now, remembering when it was just me and the (now) big boy waiting for our second baby. Those days were so precious. They feel like a lifetime ago now, but your post has sparked some beautiful memories for me :)

Thankyou for linking up!

At August 26, 2011 at 11:23 AM , Blogger The Mother Experiment said...

It was an awesome day, and my sunburn didn't hang around too long, thankfully


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