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Me and YOU Monday, week 7: a week to recover

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Me and YOU Monday, week 7: a week to recover

Hi everyone, welcome to another Monday.

My goal for last week was to declutter the kitchen bench and table. I failed. Not only did I not remove the original piles but the whole bench is pretty much covered in stuff now. I can honestly say that it doesn't really bother me though. I have had an absolutely huge week. I have not been feeling well and its been really difficult. Although I didn't get much done, I did the best I could.

Corey was away for the week due to work commitments. I knew this when I set the goal. My reasoning was that without having him contributing to the mess I could clean up easier. I also thought I would be lonely at night so having a cleaning goal would give me something to keep me busy. I had forgotten a few key factors though: I am pregnant; Alexis is a toddler; and Corey usually does a huge chunk of the housework.

Having to cope without him was really tough. Alexis missed him so much that she would hardly let me out of her sight. She stayed up late, and more often than not I gave in to her sleeping in my bed because it was easier than getting up to her. I couldn't ask Corey to pick Alexis up for me or change her nappy for me or to help me get up when my legs cramped up.

Corey helped in whatever ways he could even while away. Alexis is starting to understand how Skype works now, which is awesome. One night I cooked dinner while Alexis was strapped into the highchair playing Peekaboo with her daddy via Skype. It was pretty cool. Still, having to be "on call" all the time was draining for me, and Alexis missed the rough housing that she can do with daddy but not boring old mummy.

To attempt to compensate for this we ran a lot of errands and had a fun social week. I didn't achieve my housework goal but because being social doesn't come naturally to me, I'm proud of the week I had.

I would be happier if I wasn't exhausted. I had at least one thing on every day to try to stimulate Alexis enough to sleep well but it seemed to tire me out much more than her. She loved the time she had with her grandparents, her friends at playgroup, her aunty, her cousin, and the random story telling lady at the library, but its like she has a certain amount of mummy time she needs to satisfy her. When we'd get home she'd still want special time just with me.

My pregnancy discomfort kicked up a gear too, which could partly be because I over did it but I think also it was just about time. My little man has grown, my belly has ballooned, my legs have swollen and my nausea has returned. Sleep is fleeting at best. I've perfected the waddle now too. Corey was shocked at just how much "more pregnant" I was when he returned. 

To top things off Alexis developed a huge bout of diarhoea on Thursday night. I thought it was just a reaction to a new food so I still took the car for a service on Friday. While we were killing time I managed to get my haircut which I desperately needed. Alexis is still unwell and uncomfortable though. Maybe I should have kept her home on Friday so she could rest, but really she was resting sitting in the stroller anyway, its me who had to do all the walking.

Corey and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday that we really wanted to go to (and couldn't miss because Corey had a key role) so Alexis had to stay with my parents. They did a great job with her and I tried not to feel guilty for leaving her while she was sick.  

The wedding was amazing, beautiful, fun, and wonderful. It was an honour to watch our very dear friend marry the girl of his dreams and it was lovely to get dressed up and play grown ups for a night. It was very taxing on my dodgy body though. I guess I should have obeyed my husband when he told me to sit down when I was mingling for awhile. Then again, sitting still and upright isn't that much different to standing, and it's not like there was anywhere I could lie down.

We all spent yesterday afternoon  recouperating. Alexis was tired and feeling yucky from her illness, Corey was tired from his trip and I was tired and sore from lots of standing and walking at the wedding (and having too much sugar). Corey ran around after Alexis and I quite well but between nappy changes and having to help me up to go to the toilet (I was seriously unable to stand up by myself at times) he was pretty busy. This morning as I'm editing this and adding the link code etc I'm fairly convinced I've caught whatever bug Alexis had, seeing as I was up  most of the night with tummy issues. Then again that's "pregnancy" too, isn't it. 

So our house is trashed but I don't care. We had a good week, despite the circumstances. The late stage pregnancy symptoms have snuck up on me and Alexis has kicked the clingy-factor up a notch because she somehow knows she'll have to share mummy and daddy's attention soon.

This is why I'm abandoning the decluttering goal. I need to rest, recoup, and recover, because lets face it I really could go in to labour any day now. On paper I still have 5 weeks, but I don't want to be caught unaware and exhausted.

This is my 7th week of "My and YOU Monday", so I'm gonna have a "Sabbath" week, a time of rest. (The bible has lots of "Sabbaths" in it - the Sabbath day, the Sabbath year, etc etc, so why not a Sabbath week?) I'll read all your posts but I'm not gonna set myself a challenge as such. That said though, because resting is difficult for me I'm going to make resting my 'goal'.

I do have a few things that need to be done: I need to pack my hospital bag, I need to care for Alexis, I need to do the bare minimum housework so I don't go insane here. What I really need though, is to recognise my own limits, and to allow myself to not feel like a failure for not getting much done. I am incubating a small human being inside my body, that's a pretty huge task, and right now it has to be a top priority.

How did your week go?

Do you have a small area of your life you'd like to change? Would you like our little online community to support you with it? If so, why not join in Me and YOU Monday? Your goal can be anything at all: playing more, doing the dishes, not yelling, not staying up too late, not having that extra coffee, whatever you like. Nothing is too small, and if it seems huge break it into smaller bits. If you would like to add your link, then here's the "rules" again:

  • Please don't just use this to promote your blog. It's better if you actually want to change (or want to WANT to change)
  • Please visit again the next week to let us know how you go.
    • You can write the follow-up post anytime during the week if it's easier, but link it up on Monday
    • If you want to keep playing the week after write a post about a new goal or commit to continue persevering with the existing goal. 
    • When you don't want to play anymore that's fine, let us know how you went but don't add a new goal.
  • Please visit at least one other persons site (assuming people play along) and leave an encouraging comment. It would be great if you could pray for them or think positively for them at least once during the week.
  • Please do not make fun of anyone in the link up (this goes without saying though really).
  • A link to this post would be awesome but is not compulsory
Good luck and thanks for your support

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At September 19, 2011 at 8:56 AM , Blogger Kristy said...

It sounds like a great little 'goal' that you have set yourself in keeping your feet up!! I won't be just supporting you on it.... I'll be beating you around the head with it if I hear you doing anything but!! ;) Rest up and enjoy that gorgeous little girl of yours xx

At September 19, 2011 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Rhianna said...

Yes you totally need to take some time to rest, what a wonderful goal to work towards.


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