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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh that's right, I'm pregnant

I'm really feeling pregnant now.

I have known I am pregnant since baby Wormy had only been there a few short weeks, and I've felt him moving since I was only 12 week and I've had random aches and pains for months, and I've been looking pregnant for quite some time, but now I really feel pregnant.

Everything hurts. Everywhere hurts. I'm tired. I mean REALLY tired.

At almost 35 weeks pregnant I am allowed to be tired and I'm supposed to feel pregnant. I've been through this before, with my firstborn Alexis, but I forgot the extent of what it felt like. It will be so worth it in a matter of weeks when I first meet my little man face to face, but for now, there's all levels of pain to endure.

This is a part of pregnancy that nobody warns anybody about before they fall pregnant. Nobody really warns anybody about it until they get to that stage and then someone might say, "oh yes, I remember that, it's normal". I guess it's secret women's code not to share the secrets with our childless friends, because, well, if people knew how awkward they would be then the human race might die out. No, it's not that bad! It's not very pleasant though.

I had Alexis in bed with me last night because she's been particularly sooky. We've had a massively huge couple of days. She's either coming down with the flu or she's teething or she's just overwhelmed from a big week, or maybe she knows bubby is on his way soon and she wants to squeeze as much mummy time in as she can. Possibly it's a combination of all of those factors. I've heard from so many different sources that young kids are incredibly perceptive and they somehow intrinsically know that once the new baby arrives they will get less of mummy's time. I'm flattered she likes being near me. I'm flattered she loves me so much. I would love to spread out at night time though, so I have some chance of my legs not being jelly when I wake up!

It's only 7:30 in the morning. Alexis has gone back to sleep at my side. It's a fitfull sleep, interupted by sobs and tears. I am awake because one of those sobs woke me about half an hour ago and I heard the garbage truck on its way. I took the opportunity to take a few bits and pieces of rubbish from last night out to the bin. I was gathering nappies and tissues and scraps from dinner (I was too tired to clean up once I finally got Alexis to sleep about 9pm last night) and it occurred to me, "slow down stupid, you're pregnant".

There I was rushing around but hobbling in pain at the same time. My legs were jelly, my hips were stiff, and my pelvis was just not coping. My feet and hands were still slightly tingly. My back wasn't overly happy and my neck thought it'd throw a whinge or two in there for good measure. I noticed I was officially doing the pregnancy waddle. Yes, it's official, I really am pregnant, and I feel pregnant now.

For all my recent talk of slowing down and limiting activities, this week has been incredibly taxing so far. It's been fun, and social, and I've enjoyed giving Alexis some fun outings while I was still up to it, but I think I've just hit that proverbial brick wall. When I think back over the week I can't believe how much I tried to shove in. I'm the sort of person that normally limits things to one outing every two days, but for some reason this week I was feeling well and so decided to make the most of it. Oops?

On Monday night Alexis and I stayed at my parents house trialing out the new bed they'd just bought especially for her. Her cousin got one too (my folks are great like that) so I was meant to sleep in the other room in my niece's bed, but Alexis had other ideas and I ended up squished up in a single bed with Alexis the entire night. You don't need to tell me that wasn't a smart idea, I kind of worked that out already. ;)

On Tuesday we had playgroup (which is always epic although incredibly fun) and then I had a routine midwife appointment right in the middle of nap time, so the rest of the afternoon was interesting. I should have gone straight home to rest but I needed to buy milk for Alexis. Alexis wouldn't walk beside me (she wanted to run off) at the shops so I had to get a trolley so I decided to do a grocery shop. I decided to buy the ingredients for the cookie recipe I've been wanting to try. So I spent money we didn't really have on stuff we didn't really need to bake cookies we didn't really want. That afternoon I decided it would be a fun activity for Alexis and I to bake said cookies, as I was excited. The cookies are delicious, thankfully, but she had a fair bit of cookie dough to eat in the process, so, then she was hyped up and her night-time routine went out the window. I do like making things difficult for myself don't I.

Yesterday Alexis and I went to a movie with my sister and niece. It was a special session for mums with young kids. It was great fun, it really was. The place was packed full of mums with crying/whinging/sooking/giggling/roaming/stair-climbing children, so we weren't stressing out about if our two were upsetting anyone. Well not mostly. The girls were, for the most part, incredibly well behaved, although they were definitely toddlers, if you know what I mean. We chased them up and down the stairs several times and we crawled around the bottom of the theatre for a while. We refereed a fight over a water bottle. We tried to explain to them that the babies lying on the floor weren't there for them to touch. (No thanks to the mothers who left their babies lying on the floor and expected a 35 week pregnant lady to restrain a toddler instead of them picking their own baby up. Seriously!?)

It was so funny at one stage a car came on the screen and Alexis pointed and shouted at the top of her lungs, "CAR!" We had half the cinema population in hysterics when the girls (very excitedly) played peekaboo with each other for 10 minutes or so. I don't think anyone was particularly upset by us. If they were, tough, Amanda and I did the best we can to keep these two little energetic munchkins as quiet as we could. The movie itself looked really interesting and I'm amazed to say we stayed the whole time, although I missed vital parts of the storyline and wouldn't mind seeing it again sans Alexis.

As fun as it was, however, it was a big day. We left home at 8:30 for a 9:30 morning tea (it was free) for a 10:30 movie (which the girls snacked through the whole thing of course. Thanks sis for being organised), which went for 2.5 hours, then we got lunch (which Alexis didn't eat because she'd eaten for the last three hours), then I squeezed into the car (somebody always parks too close, it's inevitable), then drove home for an hour. So it was 3pm before we got home. I am so thankful Alexis curled up with me for a nap then, but of course that meant that she was up really late last night. Wow its no wonder she's unsettled.

This morning we were meant to be going to an R U OK event to meet some bloggers and have a chat but I cancelled. Alexis needs a morning at home. I need a morning at home. You should see how feral my house is. It's absolutely disgusting. My one goal this week was to declutter. I am not going to achieve that, and that's ok. When I set that goal I had no plans for the week. We've had fun so I don't mind. Judging by the way I feel this morning our outings were just in time. A change of pace is on the cards. When I was this pregnant with Alexis I was still working full time on my feet all day, but after my 8 hour shift I could collapse in a heap. This time I'm never really off the clock so its only natural that I should be slowing down. Today I can barely move.

Oh and at my appointment Tuesday my midwife said I really must start packing my hospital bag. Oh yeah, I guess that might be a good idea. I should probably start washing Wormy's clothes and things too. Oh my goodness, not only am I really pregnant but its only 6 weeks or so until I am really going to have a baby.

Oh my.

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At September 15, 2011 at 2:46 PM , Anonymous Alyce said...

Oh Karlee :( I remember those last few weeks, and with a toddler, they're even worse. Rest when you can - the dishes can wait! !:P

At September 15, 2011 at 10:42 PM , Blogger Louisa Claire said...

Oh love, I have NEVER been as tired as I was when pregnant with Bear. I really feel for you and hope that your bubs arrives safe and soon for you to enjoy. x

At September 16, 2011 at 1:38 AM , Blogger la petite lulu said...

I now know what those last few weeks are like and yep, no-one quite warns you about it! I can only imagine though what it's like being heavily pregnant with a toddler though! It's all so worth it though hey - rest up hope your last few weeks before bubba arrives goes well :-)

At September 16, 2011 at 2:14 PM , Blogger The Mother Experiment said...

thanks. I think this might be my last big week. I promise to at least attempt to slow down from now on.

At September 17, 2011 at 12:17 AM , Blogger Kristy said...

Yes, at that stage, oh boy. Sleep is difficult too, which makes it even harder it seems, but then again really helps prepare you for the sleepless nights to come! Good luck to you!


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