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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The wife experiment: baby moon

This post is written in a few parts. It's a journal from my weekend away with my hubby. For security reasons I didn't post it until we got back. Sorry it's slightly disjointed. 

Saturday 30th September, noon.

Have you heard of a baby moon? It's a cutesy term for one last romantic weekend away before the baby is due. Corey and I are at the coast on one this weekend. Corey's mum gave us the accommodation and is babysitting Alexis. It's our Christmas present. It's a very sweet idea. I'm not up to anything too fancy but it's nice to take time out for each other and have a rest. I've been sick and feeling a bit down this week so the timing is actually perfect, although I fear I'm somewhat wasting the potential of this place. 

Where we are staying is pretty cool, but its not luxury accommodation. It's designed as a bed and shower close to the beach, the casino, nightclubs, sporting grounds etc. The idea is you do all sorts of cool adventurous active things outside and then go there to collapse. It also came with vouchers for beauty treatments (which you have to pay the fairly large difference in price) and putt-putt (which actually looks cool). It came with wine and a cheese platter, neither of which we took because I can't have it and Corey didn't want to. Corey's mum initially booked it for herself but gave it to us when she realised this pregnancy was knocking me around more than we all expected. I don't think it matters if we don't use the vouchers, we are still having a good time.

We haven't ventured down to the beach yet as I'm slightly concerned that I'll be mistaken for a beached whale and greenpeace will try to help me on my way out to sea.  (It's whale migration season.) Nah I'm hoping to head down soon. I really want to use the putt-putt voucher though and we only have time to do one or the other. Hmm, decisions..
At the moment Corey is in search of lunch and I'm meant to be sleeping. I can't sleep though because I have a belly ache (for something different) and Wormy has the hiccups.

Still Saturday, now 4:30pm

We have had a pretty good time here. Last night we snuggled, played cards, watched a movie on tv, and played around on our laptops (free wifi, heck yes!!!). I even got a post written, "ten things you didn't need to know about me". This morning we enjoyed the free breakky (even if it was just cornflakes) then when for "a quick drive to get our bearings". We had arrived after dark last night and Corey always likes to know where he is in relation to everything else.

We went to a local shopping centre to buy water, orange juice, and air freshner (One bedroom, no exhaust fan, air con, pregnant woman on iron tablets, you get the picture).

We ended up buying a 2012 diary (it was cheap), a wiggles cd book for Alexis, a novel for Corey, ice cream, donuts, a few essentials for my hospital bag (namely underwear if you're curious), a few gorgeous onesies for Baby Wormy, some Dorothy pjs for Alexis (coudn't help ourselves), some lemonade, creaming soda, coke, and water. 

As we were leaving I remembered the air freshener. Corey quickly ducked back in and came out with air freshener and some decent toilet paper!!! Oh how I love him!!! It really is the little things that make a difference. Gentleman, little things like toilet paper really do matter to women, and you get huge browny points for getting it without even being asked!

After my last bit of writing my hunter gatherer returned with lunch and then we watched a dvd before heading down to the beach. It was too cold and windy to swim but it was a nice walk (albeit very short). I blame the shortness of our walk on the incoming storm rather than my unfitness. Haha.

Right now we're chilling in the room again. Corey's reading. I'm hoping our car doesn't get pumelled. We have a reservation for dinner at a ribs place. Corey has been so excited about it for weeks. I'm not sure if a big hearty meal will be received well by my shaken digestive system.  I personally would rather cancel dinner and go play putt-putt but a) that's not a great idea in a storm and b) I'm pretty tired and c)  I couldn't ask Corey to cancel his reservation, this whole weekend so far has been about me. I'm gonna give him his chance to eat ribs even if I sit there sipping water and looking pretty fat and tired.     
Ooh Corey just told me we don't have to check out til 12 tomorrow, which is awesome. We can play putt-putt tomorrow morning and I can still have a nice warm shower to get comfy before we go! The hot water is not limited to 50 degrees here, yay!

Is it wrong that I'm not missing my toddler? Well not much anyway. It was weird walking past a shopping centre ride today and not hearing her pester me to have a turn on it. We spent lots of money on her too. Maybe I am missing her, just a little bit. 

Sunday 1st October 9pm

We are home safe and sound now. Alexis is asleep, Corey is asleep, and I'm just staying up a little while to let my tummy settle before attempting to lie down. It's been a great weekend. I should feel renewed and refreshed, but to be honest I still feel really tired. Still I'm really glad we went. If you're interested I'll fill you in on the rest... 

Last night's dinner was an interesting experience. Corey parked at the opposite end of the shops and we had to walk along a boardwalk to get there. It was blowing a gale, I had wet hair and was wearing a light shirt and a light skirt. I hadn't wanted to wear jeans because I didn't want the stomach band upsetting my tummy or the bub, I wanted all the room I could for a yummy dinner. I was cold, very cold. 

When we got there at 6:30 we were told matter-of-factly, "we need your table by 8". We had made a reservation, so we weren't very impressed, still it didn't bother us too much. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, of course. I went back out, ordered, and went to the bathroom again. I'll spare you the details but it wasn't pleasant. I was excited that I might have made room for dinner at least. 

I asked the waiter what was the lightest, tenderest, least-likely-to-make-me-bloated food there. (He was a cool guy, he offered, and he was really sweet and honest, so I wasn't too embarrassed). I settled on a small fillet and some mash. Corey got a whole rack of ribs. My food was quite honestly delicious. It was amazingly good. Corey ate his ribs, but ate what was left of my mash instead of his chips, the mashed potato was that good. 

Unfortunately I still wasn't well though and spent a huge chunk of the night with cramping, pains, wind, gas, explosions, haha, no, yes, well, um, you get the picture.. I had lots of braxton hicks too. We weren't sure if my body was preparing for labour (thus we should be getting me home quick smart) or if it was ok to head back to the hotel. We had to go back to the hotel anyway as all our stuff was there, and when we got there I decided I couldn't stand anything worse than getting back in that car. So we waited it out and it was just a false alarm.  I wrote this post: "Food, we used to be friends".  Eventually I felt well enough to lie down and fell asleep. 

Oh yeah, somewhere amongst it all last night my mobile phone screen carked it for the third time in 8 months, so we were not impressed about that either. 

This morning I woke up well. YAY! We checked Corey's phone and it said 9am. We thought we wouldn't have time to play putt-putt because we had to drive home to get the paperwork to drive to the store to yell at them about my phone to drive another hour to pick our daughter up to drive another hour home... A whole day of driving lay ahead. I hate being cramped in the car. It was disappointing although I thought the sleep in was cool. Corey rushed down and got breakfast while I was meant to be getting ready to go but being the rebel/addict (take your pick) that I am I turned my laptop on to check my emails and realised it was only 8am. I laughed to Corey when he got back, "daylight savings has started down south, your phone's put itself an hour ahead". We whinged, then laughed, then decided to go play putt-putt. 

Putt-putt was awesome. We really enjoyed it, even though some children kept running through over and over again saying "come on daddy" to the rude ignoramus playing on his iphone ignoring his kids when they were meant to be on a special daddy date there were a little annoying. I won by one point, it was really close. Corey got a hole in one twice though and I didn't get any hole in ones, so I was a little jealous. 

We then packed up our stuff, checked out, and set off on the monotonous task of driving home. I HATE TRAFFIC. We stopped for a pie on the way, YUM, and it seems to have made my tummy happy. My tummy is strange. I've worked it out, I spend one day being hungry and one day paying for it. Rinse and repeat. By the time we got home I begged Corey to leave me home sleeping while he dealt with the phone store and picked Alexis up. He managed to get them to give me a decent, usable loan phone, but they still have to send mine away for repairs. *mutter*. It took him longer than expected so he swung home and picked me up before we got Alexis. 

Going to get Alexis, convincing her nanna to let us leave, and getting home again took forever. When we finally got home it was so good to be home. Even though we left the coast at 11, we were home just in time for dinner, shower, bed. It kind of sucks, because I'd been missing her (at putt-putt all I could think about was how excited Alexis would be with the plastic animals and waterfalls and that she'd keep trying to pick the ball up and run off with it) and wanted more time with her. Still, at least she went to sleep easily, we were worried she'd have missed us heaps and want to stay up all night. 

I'm not sure if she'll sleep through or if she'll settle easily again if she wakes, so on that note I'd better end my rambling journal here. I'll draw some conclusions on what I learned and the importance of a "baby moon" at a later date. (For now: we had a really good time, and Alexis had a good time, and everyone was still in tact when we reunited so it was a success.) I'm also interested in the repercussions of leaving Alexis for a whole weekend (will she be very clingy tomorrow or slightly more independent). Stay tuned for more information. 

Did you have a 'baby moon'? Did you enjoy it? 

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At October 3, 2011 at 11:01 AM , Blogger Kristy said...

We had a 'baby moon' with Mackenna, only it was with some friends..... same friends who we actually spent our honeymoon with :S(it's a long story!)

At October 5, 2011 at 10:02 PM , Blogger Rhianna said...

Really enjoyed reading this post Karlee thanks for sharing with us. We did get a weekend away before DD2 was born but nothing before DD3...sigh...I am ready for some time away I think. So glad you and Corey enjoyed your time away.


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