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A happy, busy, exciting, tiresome Christmas

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A happy, busy, exciting, tiresome Christmas

Last Monday I linked up a post: all I want for Christmas is to be happy. I'm pleased to say that the day did go well, mostly. Yay! Stay tuned for some pics and things but for now I'll just do my Me and YOU write up.

When I wrote that post I didn't mean it as in I wanted everything to go perfectly, I just wanted to not get upset and stressed out about any stupid little things and let it ruin the day. It was for the benefit of my mum more than anyone else because I know that's all she would want from me. We bought my parents gifts, rather nice ones, but they would mean nothing if I couldn't pull my act together for the day. On Christmas day I wanted to work extra special hard to be joyful and nice regardless of the circumstances I found myself in.

It's sad that I need to make goals like that but at least I'm honest. I am certainly not the only one who is sometimes guilty of trying so hard to have something go so perfectly that I end up being disappointed or am too busy in the details to enjoy myself. For Christmas day I just wanted to allow myself to relax. I struggle to find the line between having fun and being lazy/irresponsible. As a parent of young children it can be a rather narrow line at times. I am not sure when I should step in to correct Alexis and when I should allow her the freedom to experiment and learn. I usually say "as long as she is not hurting herself or anyone else" but even that can be blurry at times. If I allow her to eat a lot of sugar knowing it will make her tired, grumpy, clumsy and irritable when it wears off, am I doing her any favours? Not really, but if I don't allow her to eat that extra lolly is it really worth all the tears?

Being aware of all this Corey and I sat down a few days before Christmas and came up with a game plan. For Christmas day we would ease up the reigns. On Christmas day (and Christmas day alone) Alexis could eat whatever she wanted, drink whatever she wanted (all she knows is milk, water and juice at this stage) and didn't need to have a nap. She didn't need to eat a proper lunch but she need to be calm while the adults were eating. She could open up her new toys and if something got lost well something got lost. I certainly didn't want a "no it has to stay in the box until we get home" fight. She would be expected to share anything she did open with Isabella for the day, so if she didn't want to share it she had to keep it safe. We discussed all this with Alexis and we weren't sure how much she understood but we felt like we did the right thing talking about it.

You know what? For the most part I am incredibly proud of how well she did. I'm really proud of William too and also of Isabella although obviously I can't take credit for her behaviour. The three kids did very very well and had a ball. They did eat some decent things (grapes are very healthy, right?) and they played very well together almost all the time. Of course there were a few moments of tizzies over whose turn it was to play with the big red car toy and there were a few tears over nappy changes and there were a few times Alexis bashed her head on the new swing set but all in all it was an awesome day.

We did have to separate the girls by late afternoon though. An abundance of sugar, an overload of excitement and an absence of sleep hit both girls hard. Had any of us adults had more energy instead of coming down off our sugar highs and paying for lack of sleep the nights leading up to Christmas it might have been easier! It was an awkward time when we were trying to get Isabella to nap but I was wanting to keep Alexis up because if she slept then (4pm) she'd be up all night. I took Alexis out to the swings to get her out of the way and have some precious one on one time but Isabella wasn't going to have a sleep (I can't blame her) and came out too. Unfortunately the girls were just so excited yet groggy by that stage that it was an accident waiting to happen so I could not let that one slide. Alexis had a disgustingly dirty nappy anyway so I took her inside to change her. You would have thought I was trying to murder her she screamed so loud it physically hurt my ears.

I am grateful that she is young enough that she can be distracted with a quick easy dinner and bottle. She had calmed down but when she realised it was time to come home she was not impressed! She was asleep by the top of the street and transfered into her bed when we got home. Thankfully. Of course she woke up at 2am and I had to coax her back to sleep (in the big bed with me it was just easier) every half hour until 7. It didn't really bother me because I'd been awake since midnight wanting to get her presents out of the car and look through them all. Like mother like daughter hey?

Unfortunately we're still having sleep battles with her now. We had just got her sleeping properly and now we're back at square one. I am well and truly over it. She wouldn't go to bed until 11pm tonight. That's a story for another day though, for now, I must get some sleep before William wakes up. If only new years eve was tonight, I have made it til midnight! (Well I had a nap, from 7pm - 9pm, long story. Thanks Corey.) I just had to post this because it's already five days late.

This is being linked up to my "Me and YOU: Let's pretend it's Monday" post. I'm the only one who linked up this week but that's OK. I'm glad my readers have been busy having a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends. I thought I'd at least better do it though.

Stay tuned for the next Me and YOU Monday coming up on Monday 2nd January. If you have a new years resolution post, why not get ready to link that up?

How was your Christmas day?

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