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Monday, December 12, 2011

me and YOU and Jesus too

Welcome to the official return of Me and YOU Monday. After a brief stint at going monthly, on Friday 2nd I decided to go back to weekly. This was well received by my 2 regular participants so I hope they have something to share this week. I know that Monday is a hard day but I don't want to interfere with the other link ups throughout the week, so Monday it has to be. As per last time it is fine to link up to a post written during the week before. I myself wrote this post Thursday night and scheduled it because I have a big weekend planned!

I had a generalised goal for the month of December which was to focus more on Jesus. So far so good.

I haven't spent hours reading my bible and journaling like I used to do almost daily before I became a mum. I'd love to but I don't have time. I haven't prayed for long periods of time either. Whenever I tried I'd be interupted or fall asleep. Then again I've just realised I've been awake for hours unable to sleep most nights in between feeds (it's driving me crazy) so I probably should have done some reading and praying then.

The reality of life at this stage of my life is that I have two little people who are very dependent on me. Both kids have had nights where they were up most of the night (I'll blame it on the rainy days but after awhile I really start to question if I'm doing something wrong of epic proportion). So I need to at least try to sleep as much as I can.

I have a 2-month old (yes time has flown) who needs a lot of care and a 21.5-month-old who seems to be having separation anxiety yet again. I cannot find an hour block to do my conventional idea of a 'quiet time' to get lost in it all with God.

I never want to get cross with my kids for interupting time with God because that seems very backward and selfish to me. So what I've done instead is try to keep Jesus part of everyday life. It's hard at times, especially trying to get started, but it's also beautifully simple at times too. I know families where it is second nature and that's where Corey and I want to head although we have a long way to go.

Alexis has been really great with this. She seemed to sense it right from the start (God works through her all the time, it's amazing) and kept bringing us her toddlers bible and "sing and pray" book to read. Now we sing her some songs before bed every night and we all really enjoy it. She still adores her plush nativity set from last Christmas so that gives us many opportunities to share the advent with her as well. I'm not sure how much she understands but we are honouring God by telling her about him and it's really cute when she points to the baby and says "Jesus", although it sounds more like "issss".

To an extent it is hard to constantly pour out love without regular "quiet times" to refresh and refocus. Yet I am pleasantly surprised at just how much I can get just from intentional parenting. Anything that reminds me that Jesus loves me and is aware of my day to day life is beneficial, especially when I'm saying it out loud.

It is difficult to sing "Jesus loves me" every night without starting to believe it. I get a nightly reminder that "they are (I am) weak but He is strong". Alexis' song and prayer book also reminds me that Jesus wants me to shine for him, to be thankful and to be aware of his presence in my day to day life. Corey and I pray for Alexis as we tuck her into bed at night. Rarely a day goes by without me praying (several times) begging God for help juggling my two little cuties.

Slowly but surely God is gaining ground in our home. I haven't won the war to play worship music on the dvd player in the lounge room (because if the dvd player is on it MUST be wiggles or Alexis pesters me until it is) but I can have Christian radio blaring from the bedroom. I still love having it on while folding laundry and breaking out into dance with the kids every so often.

It helps that it is Christmas time. I would have looked like a total fool singing and dancing while getting the pram out of the boot at the shops on Thursday but hey it keeps the children entertained. It was so refreshing to be belting out "oh happy day" instead of hearing some teenage "I want to get in your pants" song. As I was picking William up singing 'when Jesus washed, he washed my sins away" and the smile on my face was real.

Yes I had a rocky start to the week (I always have) but God has been good.

This week's goal in addition to this is to revisit my goal of not stressing out. This time of year can be so stressful and I have turned into a stress bunny again. My stressing helps nobody so its time to let it go. Most specifically I will be tackling not stressing out when things don't go as I planned. I will need your prayers with this one!

So, if you want to link up, jump on in. Feel free to link up a post from earlier this week or to write a fresh one. The only rule is that you tell us how you go next week. Good luck.



At December 12, 2011 at 7:57 AM , Blogger robyn said...

Sounds Good Karlee! I think parenthood is a time of little snatches of moments with God. It is rare to be able to have an hour of quiet time, but I think those 2 minute prayer times can be wonderfully helpful too. It's all about just trying to make him King of every aspect of our lives and teaching his love to out children. It's not easy, but trying is the most important thing! Thinking of you. xxx

At December 12, 2011 at 8:31 AM , Blogger Rhianna said...

I love reading about your journey with God. It is quite inspirational. So wonderful to be back to weekly, I really feel this will lead to great thingsc for us all. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you beautiful lady xx

At December 12, 2011 at 6:30 PM , Blogger Kristy said...

Me too Rhianna, on all your comments. Your doing a great job Karlee and with a bit of 'you' time, even if it 15 minutes here and there connecting with something so important to you, things can surely only get better and help you start the new year with some good, positive energy and a happy little family! :)

At December 14, 2011 at 2:10 PM , Blogger The Mother Experiment said...

Thanks lovely ladies for your support. Rhianna I haven't forgotten about you mate I just haven't had access to a computer and my phone won't comment on your blog. I loved your post. I shared it on Facebook but to my personal profile accidentally.

At December 15, 2011 at 7:33 AM , Blogger Rhianna said...

Awe thanks Karlee


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