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Saturday, March 31, 2012

25 + 5.5

Friday 30th 10am ish

10 days without blogging. That's probably a record for me since I started about 17 months ago. I didn't even have that long a break when William was born.

So where have I been? I've been home, mostly, sitting on my bottom, mostly, with William. I haven't been able to blog while holding him because a) he's been wanting my full attention b) he's been trying to eat my phone c) I've been too tired to string words together other than, "Alexis get off his head," "Alexis mummy will help you soon," or "William, mummy is coming back to pick you up but I need to make your sister some lunch first."  William has been a little needy lately. It's not his fault, he's only a baby, but it is definitely getting on my nerves.

No, admitting that doesn't make me a terrible mother, it makes me human. A human who is concerned about her 2 year old daughter and husband as well as her son. A human who needs to pee in peace occasionally, needs to wash clothes and cook meals. Welcome to the world of a stay at home mum with a 25 month old and a 5.5 month old.

Poor William, he really has had a rough trot lately. Last Thursday I fed him broccoli and it bound him up so bad he had a terrible tummy ache. We did not sleep Thursday night except for when I accidentally fell asleep in the nursery holding him. He wasn't too well on Friday. Corey and I had a double date scheduled with an old friend although I really wanted to stay home with William or take him with us we left him in my mothers capable hands assured that he would be fine. Mum was fine with the kids and even managed to have them asleep before we got home but as we got home William woke and fed all night.  We didn't sleep Friday night either.

On Saturday he had a fever. He fed all morning, pepped up a little bit at lunch time while my parents were over, then got grizzly again. Eventually he passed the broccoli and was much brighter. He decided he needed to learn to crawl. He kept trying for hours on end. He's so close. It's not exactly commando but not "proper" crawling either.  Once we put him to bed he kept getting stuck in corners of the cot. We didn't sleep very Saturday night either.

On Sunday we noticed yellow discharge out of one of his ears and so took him to the doctor. He had infection in both ears. One of his eardrums had ruptured. We did not sleep well Sunday night.

On Monday the other eardrum ruptured. He felt relieved. We checked at the doctor. He got overtired. He was feeling better. He decided he'd have another shot at crawling. We didn't sleep overly well Monday night either.   
I haven't been able to get him to have a decent day sleep all week either. He wants to keep playing. Keep learning. Keep practicing sitting up, keep trying to crawl. He hasn't let me out of his sight during the days.

His sleep at night has been fitful and he's woken often. On Thursday night we noticed he was teething. We gave him some bonjela. He slept relatively well but not as well as we had hoped.

Friday 30th 11:30pm ish

Now it's Friday night and both my beautiful kiddies are asleep. Hubby is asleep. I'm awake. I can't sleep. My body is aching but my mind won't turn off. I've been at bible study. Corey was fantastic and had the kids asleep before I got home but I'm still having trouble sleeping. I want to express but I can't be bothered.

Hopefully I'll fall asleep soon. Please. Hopefully before William wakes up.

Saturday 31st March 2012 4:30am
I fell asleep. Hehe. William is up now. Feeding. He's not really interested in feeding, he wants to go down and play. It's still sleepy time William....oh good he's content to play in my arms. I have a chance of getting him to sleep then. Yes! He's asleep but he gave it a fight. He tried to wriggle away, tried to shove his dummy in MY mouth, had a little chat, tried to roll off my lap, got the hiccups... he's asleep but not very deeply. I won't put him down just yet.

I feel sorry for the poor little fella to have all this happen this week: indigestion/gas/food intolerance, being babysat, trying to crawl, trying to sit, his first fever, two ear infections, teething.. Is there any wonder why he's been a little clingy.

I do think it's the start of him experiencing separation anxiety. I can't blame him after all he's been through this week plus he's nearly six months old. Alexis was clingy all the time so I've done well to get this far with William being so settled and content. Then again maybe he just needs comfort. If I'm around he wants me watching him at all times but he cooed pretty well with Corey while I was at bible study.(Thank you so much I really needed the time out.)

He's about that age where his view on the world starts to change. He is looking at his toys (and things that shouldn't be toys) a whole new way. He's taking a lot more in than he used to. He's getting over stimulated quite a lot. He's distracted easily when feeding during the day, especially when Alexis is around which is all bar two hours while she naps. So he's feeding for like 5 minutes every hour. He is waking at night to feed while it's quiet and boring so he actually gets a decent feed. The problem is he needs the sleep more than the milk.

It's just a topsy turvy time for us. I love certain aspects of it. I love the massive smiles and giggles I get when he sees me after a few minutes of being away. I love how he puts his arms up to be picked up. I love how he bounces when I sit him on my lap. I melt when he snuggles in and falls asleep. I love watching him discover new skills, I love his "bbbbbb" and "mmmmmm" and "brmmm" noises he makes. I am in awe of how clever he is already. He saw Alexis' toy car, said brrm, went and got it, rolled onto his back and 'drove' it over his arm saying "brrm". He's incredible and he wants me to know it!

Oh William. Mummy is so very aware of how incredible you are.  You are loving and sweet and fun. You are so very clever. I am so proud of how well you have coped with all the changes of the last week and a bit. You are amazing. Just give slow old mummy some time to catch up hey? Mummy has sissy and daddy to look after too. Mummy is also quite nervous about having two mobile children.

On that note, does anyone have any tips for setting up safe play environments for a six month old that can be shared with a two year old? I think it's time for the playdoh to go outside and for drawing and craft to become things we only do when William is asleep. Which would be fine if William would actually have a decent day sleep. Poor Alexis has had to be so patient with William and I lately. Mummy is so very proud of you too my princess.  

Life with a 25 month old and a 5.5 month old is never boring.

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