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Saturday, March 3, 2012

the fright of my life

Oh my gosh I just had the fright of my life.

I walked past Alexis' room while she was sleeping and just happened to glance in. I noticed she had her doona pulled up over her head and wrapped around under herself, trapping her in. She growled at me when I uncovered her, so I know she's fine but she was so hot and flustered. I'm glad I got to her when I did.

I'd say she probably would have woken up soon enough but still, my heart is in my throat a little bit and I'm trying not to think of what-ifs. My tummy is quite jumbled up. The kids and Corey are napping and I want to too. We had a big night. The kids are sick. I can't watch them all day and all night. Yet I feel responsible for them at all times.

I can make their rooms as safe as possible but I can't take her doona off her when she has had one for a year now. She doesn't sleep without it. This is the first time I've seen her do this. It's only a very light cover, air can sort of get through it but still... It's not a nice feeling. These two little people are a very big responsibility.

All I can really do is keep praying for God to protect them and trusting that he will. I'd drive myself crazy otherwise.

What do your kids do that scares you?

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At March 3, 2012 at 4:09 PM , Blogger Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

You just nailed my biggest fear.


I actually drove myself insane in the beginning. I used to sit by Max's bassinette, {& then cot} just watching his chest rise & fall.

I couldn't keep that up {obviously}, so now I leave it to an almightier power than I :)

As you also do ...

That's all we can do really :)


At March 3, 2012 at 4:25 PM , Blogger Kristy said...

I always freak out when they sleep in. Not so much Mackenna, cause it's not unusual for her to sleep until 9am, but if Piper sleep's longer than 6:30, I wake up fearing that something has happened to her!!

I also worry about the climbing, especially after a friend of my sister's (who is one of the best Mum's I know) 2.5yr old fell from a chair (while having her breakfast) and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks with a broken leg... they fall so often and it just takes one time for them to fall the wrong way.

My hubby's biggest fear is the choking... Mackenna lived on pretty much purees until she was like 14-15 months old cause she didn't have teeth and we thought she'd choke on just about everything that wasn't runny or smooth!! (We aren't so scared with Piper though, but we are still really careful!)


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