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Sunday, March 18, 2012

poor Mr Giraffe/don't take good toys shopping

I wrote this on Thursday. I never ended up posting it before now because hubby said it was a little too "angsty". A few days later though and I can look back and laugh, sort of. We did go back looking for Mr Giraffe but it was too late.

I'm a little upset with myself at the moment. I guess it's what I get for claiming to enjoy grocery shopping with my two young children.

Last night I planned to do the groceries this morning. Both kids slept very well last night as did I but all of us were a little out of it this morning. William was grumpy, Alexis was stir crazy and it was disgustingly muggy outside so I decided to still go. I shouldn't have. It was one of those days where my head seemed to be still in bed saying, "five more minutes!"

Getting there took forever. At the end of our block I turned around and came home to take the pram out of the boot. I needed the extra boot space. At the end of our street I turned around again to come home and get my shoes. Shoes are not optional.

When we got there I parked at a different part of the car park than I'm used to. I did this because that it where the trolley was. You know, THE trolley. The one trolley with a baby capsule for William and a seat for Alexis. Actually I think they have two maybe three but I have learned to take one when you find one because it is a big car park and they are hard to find and there's never any at the actual supermarket.

So we parked at the bottom end of the hill. I picked a good park, with a crossing next to our car so I could leave the trolley there when putting kids in it and a big concrete pillar behind it so I could jam it there so it wouldn't run away when I was unloading the groceries.

I put Alexis in first. I was getting William out when I heard Alexis yelling and saw a couple with a trolley of beer barge Alexis out of their way. The "lady", if you can call her that, was also blowing smoke in Alexis face. I was outraged but decided to let it slide.

I pushed the trolley with the kids in it up the hill along the carpark and went to the bathroom to calm down and wash Alexis' hands and face, as you do. I went to put her shoes on her and saw only one shoe. So we went back down the hill, across the road, through the carpark, and retrieved her shoe.

I struggled with the trolley back up the hill, through the carpark, across the road and through the shopping centre towards the supermarket. Have you noticed how trolleys will only behave for a small period of time before they go haywire?

Fortunately the kids were so well behaved I raced through the groceries with little trouble except for a few people barging us out of the way every now and then. Those trolleys steer like a barge.. Or maybe a boulder... You get used to people getting annoyed with you.

The kids really were so cute. William chewed on his stuffed giraffe and Alexis treasured her plastic giraffe. I didn't plan to have two giraffes but that's what Alexis chose. I should have taken a photo.

I seemed to pick the slowest check-out, of course, and as it became our turn I realised why. The poor girl blew her nose a few times, coughed her lungs up, blew her nose a few more times then dropped our tomatoes out of the bag, clumsily touching them all to get them back in. I wish I had the guts to say, "I will leave those here now, thanks". I didn't. 

Anyway, we survived, mostly, with little drama. I gave Alexis her tiny teddies (always take a bribe) to avoid a meltdown over not giving her precious packet of mac n cheese back to her after the checkout lady touched it (I'm not normally crazily concerned over germs but they've just been sick for like forever, at least it felt like it). I dragged the trolley through the shops. I literally had to stop and go to one side of the trolley and turn it around myself to get it around corners. It didn't have any brakes. It didn't catch the grooves on the escalater. The lady in stilettos in front of us was too busy talking on her phone to hear me calling out, "excuse me!!!" I managed to keep it inches away from her shiny, stocking-clad legs. Just.

At the bottom, safely off the escalater, I wanted to stop to catch my breath but fumes from men painting the ceiling were quite strong. So I kept going. "Sorry!" I shouted to the lady and child who walked straight in front of me and had to swerve last minute because I couldn't. It's not that I wouldn't go around them, I just couldn't.

So we crossed the road, went down the hill, and I jammed the trolley up against the concrete wall to stop it rolling away. So far so good. Both kids need nappy changes. Sorry kids, you'll have to wait. Groceries away, Alexis in the car, trolley away, carrying William back to the car..."where's your giraffe?" William's giraffe was gone.

I searched the trolley but it was not there. I searched our immediate area but couldn't see it anywhere. William was fussing trying to attach himself through my shirt...  "Sorry mate, you'll have to wait til we get home."

I did a mental inventory. I had 2 kg of fresh chicken breast, 1kg of frozen chicken, 500g cheese, a lasagna, two children with nappies close to breaking, a hungry 5 month old, a 2 year old in need of a nap, 2 extremely tired legs, two extremely tired arms. The trolley was stuffed by now. (Seriously, it's like they get tired and go on strike.) I had left the pram at home. It was hot too. Very hot. 

I made the extremely difficult decision to leave William's plush giraffe behind. I just could not justify going back for it at the expense of the perishables in the car. Just quietly, I also didn't want to walk up the hill again. I could not carry both children. It was just too hard. I didn't even know exactly where it was. He'd tossed it over the side at some stage for sure but re-tracing our entire journey through every single isle would just be too much. So we left.
I felt guilty the entire way home. I drove up to the entrance to see if we had dropped it in the carpark but no luck.

I got home and unloaded all the groceries hoping Mr Giraffe had made its way into a bag but he wasn't there either. He's gone. Part of me wants to go looking for him now but both kids are asleep. I don't want to wake them. I've called the supermarket and the shopping centre and they say nobody has handed it in. They also said they'd have a quick look. Who'd know.

I feel terrible. It's just a stuffed toy. We have a 104L tub full of stuffed toys. Yet Mr Giraffe was William's toy. One of only three little toys that Alexis knew were William's, not hers. One he was given when he was only a matter of days old. One that came with us to Caloundra and Gladstone and Dreamworld (to see the Wiggles) and White Water World and church and playgroup and grandparents' houses. He went everywhere with us. I should not have taken it shopping with us but he was just the perfect size for a trolley toy.

Maybe I should have made more of an effort to go look for it? Would you? Or can I cut myself some slack and say "oh well, what's done is done?" Should I ask hubby to have a look after work tonight? Should I chuck the kids in the car after their naps and go look? Or can we let it slide? It's just a stuffed toy. William isn't old enough to be attached to it yet. I don't remember exactly who bought it for us but I don't want to offend them. It was the perfect size for William to hold and chew. It was so soft, so cuddly, so cute. I miss it already. But it's just a toy. Or is it?

Is it ridiculous to pray to God (who made heaven and earth and sustains every living thing) begging that somebody hands in my sons stuffed toy?

Next time I see an abandoned toy at the shops I'm going to go out of my way to take it to lost property that's for sure.

Poor Mr giraffe.   

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At March 18, 2012 at 7:58 AM , Anonymous Kirsty@MyHomeTruths said...

I've been there too. And I've been the one to make that decision to sacrifice looking for the toy in order to get my kids home for naps and feeds. You can't do everything and your kids' needs are your priority. But worrying about William's plush giraffe does show how much you love your kids. Hoping your next shopping visit is far less eventful!

At March 18, 2012 at 10:25 PM , Blogger Rhianna said...

I wouldn't have gone back for it either. I would also be facing the same guilt ridden thoughts you are. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely


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